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cant read doc attachment in

By koko122333 ·
sending email to my with word attachment
1*sending from - i can download & open the attachment
2*sending from to - can dwnload & open the attachment
3*sending from oputlook 2003 (not outlook express) to - i canot download nor open the attachment. (in all cases it is the same doc)
appreciate very much your help

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by In reply to cant read doc attachment ...


Hotmail does not allow download of files with certain extensions. I cannot explain the inconsistency (why your file can be downloaded sometimes but not other times).

Is your file one of the restricted types? Use the link below:

Hotmail restricted file types:

Did this solve your problem?

-----Steve Jackson

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by In reply to

I noticed the pasted-in link does not work. Here's the list:

Files with the following extensions cannot be added as attachments to mail messages:

* .ade
* .adp
* .asp
* .bas
* .bat
* .chm
* .cmd
* .com
* .cpl
* .crt
* .exe
* .hlp
* .hta
* .inf
* .ins
* .isp
* .its
* .js
* .jse
* .lnk
* .mdb
* .mde
* .mdt
* .mdw
* .msc
* .msi
* .msp
* .mst
* .pcd
* .pif
* .reg
* .scr
* .sct
* .shb
* .shs
* .tmp
* .url
* .vb
* .vbe
* .vbs
* .vsd
* .vsmacros
* .vss
* .vst
* .vsw
* .ws
* .wsc
* .wsf
* .wsh

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by Fat Chink In reply to cant read doc attachment ...

I am assuming that when you send from Outlook2003 to, you are then using a browser to login to the site and try to open the attachment. If this is a wrong assumption, then please correct me.

1. Check under Outlook's Options | Security

2. Try disabling any/all anti-virus scanning software you have (at least for outgoing emails)

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