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Can't recover Deleted Important File

By jtpaderes ·
I used a Recovery Genius program which is a utility included when I bought a motherboard. Now these utility ready brought a very BIG problem. I issue a Data Overflow error and when I opened again my Windows 98 PC. My important file were all LOST! I downloaded a demo utility named R-Undelete, this utility is good because it sees the deleted file, but the problem in the Demo version is, the file that can be recovered is only up to 64Kb, the capacity of the file I want to recover is 3.xx.

Can anybody here help me about this? If you have a registered version of R-Undelete and you can facilitate/send me a copy, a really appreciate that kind of idea, or either any other way to recover my files.

Thank you very much..

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umm....thats like piracy

If you really don't have the $55 to purchase it, go to,, are a cornacopia of undelete programs out there that are relatively cheap. I use fast file undelete. $20 Be forwarned tho, the more you use your computer, the greater the chance this file will be overwritten so don't dare download this from the computer in question. Don't even browse the web as it downloads all sorts of images from each website you go to. Just turn it off and go get your undelete program from your friends computer.

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by techrep In reply to Can't recover Deleted Imp ...

Please don't ask us to provide you with an illegal copy of software. If you don't want to pay for a registered version of the software, stick to freeware. If you can't find freeware that'll do the job, then you need to re-think your priorities and spend a few bucks to solve your problem.

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by J5Y1126 In reply to Can't recover Deleted Imp ...

I am not sure if this will help but did you go to 'run' in your start menu and type msconfig it should then bring up the system configuration utility under the general tab chose selective startup (use the defaulted options that are highlighted), restore your c omputer to an earlier time and follow the instructions from there.

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by jtpaderes In reply to Can't recover Deleted Imp ...

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