Can't Remote Desktop our Server?

By asareyan ·
The way we've always managed our server was by remote desktop and all of a sudden remote desktop will not allow us to connect from any computer. I've tried disabling the firewalls and remotely connecting to our other servers (which works) but the people hosting the hardware won't help because they say it's a software problem. Can still access the files hosted and can ping, but all of a sudden no more remote desktop. Any suggestions please!

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You'll have to help us a lot more here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can't Remote Desktop our ...

What OS is the server running?

What OS is on the computer that you are attempting to access the server from?

If these are Windows Systems did it stop working after the Most Recent Windows Updates where applied?

Things like this are kind of important.


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Something to try...

by ---TK--- In reply to Can't Remote Desktop our ...

Assuming this is a NT machine.

I would try: right click "My Computer" > click "Manage" > right click "Computer Management (Local)" > "Connect to another computer". Type the IP address in. You might not have RDP working but you do get access to the logs and services. With these two things you should be able to figure out what is going on... You might just need a reboot to get services restarted cleanly.

Also check out sysinternals suite of tools that will help you out.

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Server 2003

by AOS/VS In reply to Something to try...

I occasionally have this problem with server 2003 after a reboot. Usually because I just applied patches. Logging in locally and looking at logs, services etc. doesn't show any obvious reason. Another reboot always solves the problem.

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Similar issues

by wdewey In reply to Server 2003

I have had similar issues after a Windows 2003 server is started after a power loss. It just doesn't work correctly (slow and odd behavior, not necessarly RDP). A reboot usually fixes this.


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