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    Can’t rename user accounts with SP2


    by jasonbis ·

    I have windows xp professional on a gx270 and gx260. Brand new installations and I needed to test service pack 2 for xp so I loaded it on them. Once I did, I went into computer management to rename the local user account from user to my name and it doesn’t allow me to. I am logged on as admin and when I right click the user account and click rename it gives the ability to start typing the new name like normal but once I am done and hit enter or click away it goes back to the default name instantly. I have never seen anything like it. I knew it had to be related to sp2 since it worked fine before. I removed sp2, rebooted and now I can rename the accounts just fine. So i thought maybe it was a bad install and reinstalled sp2. Now I can’t rename the account again. I even downloaded another fresh copy of sp2 from microsoft and still have the problem. I am assuming there must be some security setting sp2 changed on my machine that won’t allow the admin to rename accounts. I don’t get any error messages at all. I reformatted yesterday and reinstalled XP and then sp2 and that didn’t fix it. I have call MS and they are supposed to call me back sometime this week but I was hoping someone else had seen this before and knows what setting to change.

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