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Can't Resolve FQDN in Browser

By Indazone82 ·
I have customers who can ping an ip address of a website, but can't ping the address of the website. They can access the site in the browswer by using the IP address, but not the url. All firewalls have been disabled. Would anyboy have any suggestions of why this may be?


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Re: Can't Resolve FQDN in Browser

See if any of these work.

If you have a proxy server set up on the inside LAN then follow essays comment above. In your Internet Explorer, select Tools from the menu bar then Internet Options (assuming you run Explorer). On the connections tab select LAN settings. On the advanced button (if it is not grayed out because you don't use a proxy) then add to the exception sections at the bottom the network element of your LAN ip address followed by an asterisk and a semi-colon. for example 192.168.*; This will make your browser ignore the proxy for any address beginning 192.168.

Once done. from your browser on the PC, change the fqdn name to the internal ip_address/facesheets/login.asp. For example If this works OK then you know it is a local resolution problem. You can either add an entry to your local DNS server that serves the lan or call it by its existing server_name on your domain rather than using the FQDN.

If you ping the FQDN it should resolve to the IP address of the www server, not your router. A host entry would work, but the proper way to do this is with proper DNS setup. Which DNS server are you pointed to? an internal one? If so you need to create an A record for the www server and point it to the IP address of the www server. Is the www server on your LAN? if so make sure it points to its private IP, not the public IP.

Test with nslookups for example, nslookup www.company.com, it should resolve to the IP address of the www server, if not, configure your DNS server to do so.

Do you have a windows domain setup?
is the DNS name of your windows domain the same as your public domain?

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this information is useful, please mark as helpful. Thanks.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Can't Resolve FQDN in Bro ...

for a second Firewall.
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Type netsh winsock reset at the command prompt, and then press ENTER.
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