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Can't restore my computer system ,

By cenibelle4 ·
Can somebody help !

after using adware- i can't open anything . i think i blocked everything or exe. i tried restoring my computer to an earlier point, but is not giving me any, due to not enough disk space. i can't delete or unistall anything in order for me to have more space because i can't even access anything.

how can i make more space? or restore my system if i don't have enough space?

thank you,

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Can't restore my computer ...

The easiest way out of your current problem is to remove the HDD fit it to a USB Caddy and plug it onto another computer and either move or delete some data. If you have a lot of MP3 files you can comfortably move there to some other media and then refit the HDD to the NB and try again.

I've only seen things like this happen when the HDD is nearing complete usage where there isn't enough free space for Windows to create the Page/Swap File.

If your NB's HDD is formated as an NTFS Partition you'll need a computer running NT Y2k or latter to read the NTFS Partition and if you have a FAT 32 Partition any version of Windows will read it without a problem.


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by Blue screen In reply to Can't restore my computer ...

clone your drive to a bigger drive if you have one available using a ghost boot floppy or a cd.
after that you can uninstall the adware.

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by pierrejamme In reply to Can't restore my computer ...

You didn't say what kind of adware remover you used, but all the legitmate programs have a restore inside them. Spy Bot Search & Destroys is called Recovery. Ad-Aware Personal SE 1.06 you click on the padlock on the top menu. i wouldn't use any other free adware removers myself.
Hope that helps.

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by Intel Inside Me In reply to Can't restore my computer ...

I would probaly would have reinstall windows, save all your data you have and reinstall windows, always works for me.

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by cenibelle4 In reply to Can't restore my computer ...

The program is Ad-aware SE Plus.

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by zlitocook In reply to Can't restore my computer ...

A silly question, did you boot into safe mode and try any thing? In safe mode you can run antivius software, delete things and in safe mode you can use a restore point.
Try a live boot CD like UBCD or one of the others, they run in memory and do not use the hard drive so you can run things off the CD and fix problems with the hard drive.
Or boot to the XP CD and try a repair.

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by cenibelle4 In reply to Can't restore my computer ...

i did boot in safe mode, and try to restore system but it didn't let me because i had very low disk space, i have been deleting stuff that i can. because i can only access so much. and tried restoring in safe mode again , this time it gave me a restore point, but from today, i need a restore point from yesterday
s date or before.

How do i run antivirus in safe mode?

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by cenibelle4 In reply to Can't restore my computer ...


when everytime windows starts, before i can log in, a blank window pops up, giving me only the option to click ok. at the top left corner it has like a small square or something. i'm thinking hopefully is not a virus. and i can only log into my laptop by clicking ok. otherwise it won't let me. i click ok , but i don't even know what it is. it looks like frozen or something.

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by ctmoore1998 In reply to Can't restore my computer ...

boot into safe mode. Run windows Disk cleanup. Then also run disc check, you'll have to reboot for it to run on the sys partition.

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