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cant scan to networked printer/scanner

By shortstuff ·
HI people, I have a HP D145 All in one printer which is networked to our systems via a D-Link USB print server. It prints fine from all machines, however I cannot scan using the HP software supplied. All I get is a 'communication error between pc and printer'
Does anyone know of a way to cure this or is there a work around for my problem?
I've contacted HP who say the printers full features are only available with their print server ( 3 times the cost!) but I find that hard to believe as the network printing works fine.
If I installed there web admin software would that allow me to cure the problem?
many thanks ..

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by sgt_shultz In reply to cant scan to networked pr ...

my 2 cents.
you are ah, 'lucky' it is supported with their print server. usually they just say, no network scanning supported. network scanning will prove to be can of worms imho. they won't use it anyhow. but i am guessing you are just annoyed with hp and don't like being told you can't do something by somebody you are pretty sure doesn't know a hub from a switch...
i think the communication issues have to do with scanning requires lots of data very fast thru the pipe. usb4 is 4mb i believe and ethernet at least 10 so network is not bottleneck. maybe memory on print server or if print server or cable not up to usb hi speed. sorry if saying so is obvious to you, just making sure.
i believe if you get it working with better cable, tweaked performance etc. it will work intermittantly. i think you gotta bite the bullet on this one. you can get deep discounts on hp stuff if you look. best way to have them support whole setup. i recommend not deep discount but easy to send back if no joy.
i do not see how web admin would cure this problem.
what might cure it is using decent computer with fast usb as print server...
you probably need a beefier print server, hp brand or not. it is going to cost, period.
make sure you have hi-speed usb cable. make sure your print server is usb 2 rated. how much memory on the thing? compared to the hp print server? like that...

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by shortstuff In reply to

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by pgm554 In reply to cant scan to networked pr ...

The only way network scanning is supported is with an HP print server(Jetdirect 200m).

You would then use the HP corporate client print driver. This allows for scanning through a web interface.

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by shortstuff In reply to

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with all due respect I realise that I could have bought the HP Jet direct print server ( see my comment about it being 3 times the cost .. so it was a inmitial consideration) what I need to know was if an alternative method of solving the problem was available, not the same answer HP gave me ..

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by pgm554 In reply to cant scan to networked pr ...

The problem is that the cheaper print servers do not have the firmware that interfaces to the scanner.

If you don't think that HP thought long and hard about engineering in a proprietary method of doing this, I have some nice swampland in Florida I would like to sell you.

This is not the first time, nor will it be the last time, that HP has pulled a marketing ploy like this.

Some examples from the past and present:

HP made a tape drive that looked to use a DC2000XL tape cartridge, same dimensions, and same interface as other tape drives (i.e. Archive tape drive) .Upon trying to use a 3M 2000XL cartridge, the tape would not work.

I called HP; they said that the firmware on the drive would only recognize a HP tape .It had a "special" tape header written on the tape that the drive looked for upon init. The HP tapes were 3X the cost of the 3M's.Same tapes, HP just locked you in to buying only their tapes.

As for today, HP has a date chip on their printer consumables that once past a certain date; the printer will not recognize the cartridge.
The end result, you can't buy refurbed consumables.

Sorry guy, this is just the way they do biz, if you don't like it, let them know you won't buy their products.

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