Can't See Data Files on CD

By ktreetz ·
I have a CD that has both audio files and data files. When I put the CD in the computer, I am only able to see the audio files, not the data files. Am able to see both on a different computer. Why would I not be able to see both files on the computer?

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speeds of CD drives

by SKDTech In reply to Can't See Data Files on C ...

Cd drive speeds, open multisession disc

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Let me rephrase.....

by ktreetz In reply to speeds of CD drives

the CD being placed in the drive is a CD that has both audio and data (PDF's). It is not a CD that was burned.

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I didn't know Quickbooks had audio on its CDs

by SKDTech In reply to Let me rephrase.....

But one good possibility would be a failing optical drive.

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Sorry, submitted to wrong post

by ktreetz In reply to I didn't know Quickbooks ...

I have a user who was having problems loading a CD with Quickbooks on it; completely different post.

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Erm - you don't HAVE any other posts ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Sorry, submitted to wrong ...

At least not any that I can find.

Do you have more than one ID ?

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And the OS is what exactly?

by OH Smeg In reply to Can't See Data Files on C ...

Also look at any Burning Software installed on the computer affected. It is possible that the Recording Software is taking control of the Install Media and making it invisible. Roxio used to be well known for doing things like that with Data CD's.


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