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Can't See hard drive

By jredding ·
I am trying to 're-load' a Toshiba Portege 3440CT laptop (this is the ultra thin model - no internal floppy or CD. The floppy connects via USB and the CD via SCSI.) The BIOS allows for boot selection including CD or Floppy. I have done a 'Fdisk' and 'format' successfully and can boot to a 'C:\' prompt. I am trying to load 2000; I have a bootable CD and it reads from the CD, doing all the preliminary system checks etc.; then I get the prompt to Install 2000 or Repair 2000 or Exit; I press Enter to Install 2000 and I quickly get a message that 2000 cannot find a hard drive press F3 to quit. Anyone got any thoughts on why this would happen or what I can do?

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by Rabbit_Runner In reply to Can't See hard drive

You have a driver problem. When 2000 attempts to load and copy files to the hard drive, it is not able to communicate because of a lack of scsi driver for the hard drive.. During the installation, you will be asked if you want to install/use any 3rd party scsi drivers or adapters. You will need to press F6 at that point. You will need to get the specific driver from a CD that came with the system, or perhaps download from the internet. Copy file(s) to a floppy and have it ready when you pres F6.

Hope this helps.

Michael R.

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by omie In reply to Can't See hard drive

Well, since you could boot on the CD for it could do preliminary check. The thing that you need to do is prepare the hard drive and you need to create a primary partition and make it active. Since you are installing WIN2k you could safely use fat32 as the format and convert it later in the installation if you prefer to use NTFS. After the creating the partition and make it active .. re-start the computer and then format the hard drive then re-start the pc booting up from the bootable cd and begin installation...

Good luck

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by omie In reply to

I understand that the partition is active .. Did you format the hard drive. The reason is that sometimes during the installation it needs a space to copy the installation files so you need to format the hard drive.

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by Darry In reply to Can't See hard drive

I suggest, when you get the prompt C:\, if you have the autoexec.bat file load the CD drive (the CD drive would be \ or something else depending on ur partitions). From the CD drive copy all the binary files of W2K to the local HD & try running SETUP from here.
Should work!

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by jredding In reply to Can't See hard drive

Answer 1: this is a good thought, however, I am not 100% sure that this is a SCSI attachment or just a special IDE port. Regardless, I don't understand how it could start the boot process and still be a driver problem?? I am still working on the possibility of this idea.
Answer 2: I can actually boot to a C prompt on the hard drive - the partition is active.
Answer 3: booting from the CD (actually DVD in this case)drive is a special boot menu for this system (no autoexec). I have not been able to find a driver to load with a boot disk and if I cancel the Windows 2000 load and go back to a C prompt, I cannot see the \ drive !??

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by CLIFFL In reply to Can't See hard drive

Two points.
1. Toshiba have a good help desk service so failing everything give them a call.
2. Having Fdisked it and formatted it. copy the contents of the CD into a directory.
3. cd to to the directory you copied the disk into and then cd to i386 and type WINNT this will run the setup program and everything should be ok.

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by jredding In reply to Can't See hard drive

I found a DOS driver version for the multi-bay and was able to get a \ prompt. Thanks for the advise.

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by jredding In reply to Can't See hard drive

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