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Cant seem to find this virus / malware

By acidic2 ·
I have ran, malwarebytes, super antispyware, viper, sypbot search and destroy, ad-aware, Microsoft security essentials, trend mirco's house call, none has seem to find it. Hijack this doesn't show anything either.

Even after scaning with all these programs and nothing is found. Still every day i have a few different clients who are sending out emails with a virus link (ttp://www.qgh4.canxhealth.c0m)(changed some so no one clicks it) link changes some with each email. It's sending from yahoo, and hotmail accounts. sends to about 7 different addresses at a time.

This one is driving me CRAZY, anyone have any idea's?


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That you should post this as a Question aside,

by seanferd In reply to Cant seem to find this vi ...

<i>few different clients who are sending out emails </i>

How do you know?

<i>with a virus link </i>

How do you know?

I don't suppose you have removed the clients from the network, or at least disabled the mail clients, or blocked them from leaving your LAN?

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my two cents

by PurpleSkys In reply to Cant seem to find this vi ...

If it is sending from their yahoo and hotmail accounts, chances are it's a yahoo and hotmail issue (a while back ago there was an email floating around hotmail with a link, if you clicked and "signed in", you had your account hijacked; I made the mistake and had to change my password. To this day, I'm still getting "friend requests from questionable places).

Now, if they are just coming into their inboxes, I would just have them delete them and move on without bothering to read them - or click on any links attached. Also - If this is a place of business, the first thing I would do as an administrator is lock down or block yahoo and hotmail (personal opinion).

Last thought...did you run those programs in safe mode? If not, you should give that a go.

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Passwords are the key

by kbanks197 In reply to Cant seem to find this vi ...

You should be changing your password to these kinds of accounts at least every 30 days. These spoofers have figured out that many people don't do this and it is a simple spoofing attack.

Change you email account password.

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