Can't send an attachment with Outlook Express

By adonato ·
I have a PC w XP SP3 using Outlook Express. When using the PC at home I am not able to send email with an attachment. If I remove the attachment, email goes through fine. With attachment I get a SMTP server timeout error.

I brought the PC into my office, same ISP as home, different router, email with attachment goes through without a problem. Im stumped. Can anyone help?

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Same ISP as home?

by LarryD4 In reply to Can't send an attachment ...

So your work internet connection is the same internet connection you have at home?

If thats the case whats the ISP name? Comcast/Verizon/Warner Cable?

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ISP same at home and office

by adonato In reply to Same ISP as home?

ISP is Optimum Online

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no expert here

by straightp In reply to Can't send an attachment ...

Is the attachment too big? and if your office has buisness line through the ISP there might be enough bandwidth and not enough at home. just an idea

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Size of attachment

by adonato In reply to no expert here

Not a big attachment. Even a small .doc attachment will not go through.

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Optonline Timeout

by LarryD4 In reply to Can't send an attachment ...

Ok so you say its the same ISP but...

Is the contract you have for the office internet access through the Optonline business office?

Or is it just another resident account that happens to be in a business.

Why I ask,
Optonline has always been one to limit the abilities of their resident accounts to basic browsing. In other words, they block most abilities like being able to host your own web or mail server from home.

They also restrict your ability to send mail from home. Unless this rule has changed, optonline does not allow home users to use any other outbound smtp server, HTML or web based mail works fine.
But if you have say a business site called, that allows you to send mail through your mail server, Optonline residential accounts won't let you. All your mail must go through

And all that really means is your customes will get mail from the email address of your personal mail account.

But these types of restrcitions and the amount of data the attachement actually is, could be why your having the problem sending mail attachments.

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Optonline Timeout

by adonato In reply to Optonline Timeout

I understand what you are saying. When I try to send mail from my web based email account on, I still have a problem sending email with attachment so I ruled that out. I am going to try something really dumb and change the router just to rule that out and I will report back to you with the results.

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