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Can't send internet email

By rgtucker ·
I have a very strange problem. I handle IT support for a small office (about 30 people) on an NT 4.0 network using Exchange Server 5.5. Everything was working great until about 3 weeks ago when our domain name expired (the admin before me didn't let anyone know). Since that time, we've been unable to send extenal mail (internet), but we can receive fine. We didn't figure this out until about 3 days ago because no mail ever bounced, no error messages, etc - they're just gone. I don't believe that it is a DNS or ISP problem because not only can I send and receive via our hosting service's webmail, but I was also able to set up a temporary workaround in that we can use Outlook just for in-house email and Outlook Express for internet email. If I try to combine them (i.e. set up a mailbox with Microsoft Exchange and then setup internet email) no outside email gets sent at all (I also made sure that Internet Email was listed first in the recipient addresses process list). Needless to say it's a rather tedious process for users to be using two separte email clients for their email, not to mention very confusing for the less than computer-savvy among them.... I've tried using both our ISPs smtp server and our hosting service's ( smtp server and have had the same result with both. I've also tried both turning on and off the "Server requires authentication" options.

I've checked and rechecked our settings and spent hours on the phone with our ISP and hosting service and the only thing I can come up with is that possibly something was updated automatically on our exchange server (maybe LiveUpdate for Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition) which has messed up our email settings.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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