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cant send mail to internet exchange2000

By tumulak ·
i have setup an exchange 2000 server,i can email back and forth on my LAN but i can't send mail to the internet (e.g. or any other internet mail sites). i have a high speed internet at home, w/c i have a cable modem with a router and is connected to my server. i already tried opening the ports on my router, but still fail to send e-mail messages.i check the port 25 on my server and is working fine. anybody who can help me why i cant send email to internet but can send email on my LAN? i heard about DNS issues..from some's but i dnt know how its been setup.i have configured my server ip address to use the DNS given to me by the my ISP provider, instead of using the ordinary DHCP. thnks

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by johnj In reply to cant send mail to interne ...

Do you have a domain name for your mail (an MX record)? It sounds like the only people who "know" about your mail server are the internal users. If you want the server to handle mail between your LAN and the outside world, there has to be a public internet address associated with your mail domain. Your ISP could host this domain. Additionally, your router/firewall has to know to relay any traffic going to that public address to the internal IP address of the server.
If, on the other hand, you are trying to use Exchange server to check for users' e-mails on other servers (,for example), that probably will not work. Those accounts have to be POP or IMAP servers, and many webmail service providers have closed those ports for security reasons.
Let me know if you need more clarification.

John Wheaton

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