Can't send or receive any emails with one specific url in the body.

By jav ·
Any email with the following url address included in body is blocked both incoming and outgoing email:
This is happening both in outlook 2003 and in the webmail client. using comcast as isp and web host.

when requesting a delivery and read receipt nothing comes back.

I am able to ping the web site from command prompt and the request is returned. Using a linksys router but dont see any issues there. This is a clients machine. The next test I am planning to try is to take the router out of the mix and connect the computer directly to the comcast modem. Will post results when tested


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More details needed

by nrmcewen In reply to Can't send or receive any ...

Have you tried sending other emails? ... does this work?
Have you tried sending emails with other URLs ... does that work?
Have you tried removing characters from your URL one at a time to see if it will send similar URLs?

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Reponse To Answer

by jav In reply to More details needed

Yes I did try all of those options. In any case I finally solved the problem.By process of elimination I determined that the block had to be coming from comcast even though they initially denied any responsibility, pawning the problem off to the ever famous catchall "software problem" After my testing I pressed them futher and got their attention. They finally referred me to their Customer Security Assurance Center where they immediately identified the problemw with one email with the problematic urs sent to them. The problem occured as a result of voting numbers accumulating when comcast customers report any emails from this site as spam. Once it reaches a certain number a block is automatically put on anything coming through with that url address. They removed the block and suggested that my customer add an "opt out optioin" in the signature.

Thanks for your reply and interest in my issue.


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by maxmanners In reply to Can't send or receive any ...

Hi John
Thank you, more than I can tell, for your question, which was exactly the same as my problem, and even more importantly your answer! I have cut and pasted both to my website / email provider, so now they can't escape.
I think the start of my problem was that spammers have hacked into my providers servers and used my extension to send millions of spams around the world, so I would have been blacklisted by everyone.
All spammers should be rendered fingerless.
Thank you once again

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