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Can't Share Program with other Users

By mak1515 ·
Dear all: I have a client that login to a Domain in a XP computer. I tried to intall a Palm Desktop software for him, since his account doesn't have right I have to login as administrator to the local computer installed. But after log back into his Domain account, can't find the Palm Desktop Software??? I tried to look in the User and Password to change his Domain right to 'administrator' temporaily, then change back after. But I couldn't find his domain account there. Now I feel stupid and don't know what to do! Please help!!!

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Can't Share Program with ...

Log off the current user and sign in as a user with local administrator privledges. then add the domain user account for the person to install the sofware to the local administrators group on the machine, there is no need to make him a domain administrator for this function, local admin rights will do. Then log in as the user and install the software. Make sure it works and then remove his user from the local administrators group. I have had to do this before with Palm software and it seems to work well. Good luck!

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by mak1515 In reply to

The user didn't exist in the User and Password, then where can I change his domain account right? Thanks!

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by 3xp3rt In reply to Can't Share Program with ...

1. When you install the software, you installed to run only for logged on user. Usually whet start the install is a question for make the installed software avable for all users, or just the current user.
2. The domain user account is on domain controller, not in local machine.

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by mak1515 In reply to

1: It didn't ask me if I wanted to share the program!
2: Are you saying I need to change his right in the Domain?
Thanks for your help!

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Can't Share Program with ...

in Users and Groups go to the groups folder and select the administrators group. right click and choose add to group. Click add and then type in the users id in the box that pops up. Make sure that locations is your domain. then click check names. then click ok. they now have administrator rights on the machine.

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by James Brown In reply to Can't Share Program with ...

Here's what I found when I tried to install Palm Desktop for a "limited account" user on XP.

1. Login as a local administrative user and install Palm Desktop as normal.

2. Launch palm desktop, change the data directory (tools | options | general | data directory) to a shared path and exit palm desktop. The default directory is under the install directory in progrma files and will not work because limited users do not have sufficient rights to this directory.

3. Launch RegEdit and export the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\U.S. Robotics" subtree into a file that is accessable by all users.

4. Login as the target user.

5. Create desktop shortcuts to hotsync manager and palm desktop.

6. Import the registry file you saved in step 3.

Hotsync and Palm Desktop should now work normally for the limited rights user.

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