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Can't Telnet to Ascend P50 Router

By Dave Davis ·
I am looking for a work around to a self-inflicted problem. At the request of the tech guy at the ISP I was working with I set the IP address of the Pipeline router to I questioned subnet mask of but he said it would work with their setup and I believed him. I saved the setting and discovered that NT and Win9x will not accept that subnet mask. I set the PC NIC to to open up the entire last octet to hosts but that does not work. A ping to the router gives a time out. running arp -a after ping gives the MAC address of the router. Is there any way left to connect to the router via ethernet? Is there a way to connect via MAC address? What about using a unix version of telnet? SNMP? A note: sometime before this issue the router quit responding to serial connection using HyperTerminal.


Dave Davis

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Can't Telnet to Ascend P50 Router

by fdisk In reply to Can't Telnet to Ascend P5 ...

Well working for an ISP I have seen a lot of these sorts of things. The only thing to do is call Lucent (be prepared to pay up to $200 for them to tell you which wires to short and how to take the cover off.) If any one knows how to do a recovery on the router they should get the point for this question.

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