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    Can’t Telnet To Server


    by jkmdrop ·

    Hi we have a Linux Redhat Server 6.0 We cant telnet to our server locally or over the network when I telnet for example to my server I get the login.
    Linux server sun.ramnet domain
    Escape Character is ‘^]’

    then after this I can’t type a user name or password it just waits for 10 seconds then kicks me out. When I telnet over the network I don’t even get connected.

    Please help.

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      Can’t Telnet To Server

      by mckaytech ·

      In reply to Can’t Telnet To Server

      My thought is that your system is not configured with the standard telnet daemon.
      Unlike earlier versions of RedHat, the current versions apparently do not install a standard telnet daemon by default (presumably for security reasons).

      The package you want is telnet-server, although you may want to consider something more secure like ssh.



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      Can’t Telnet To Server

      by hta ·

      In reply to Can’t Telnet To Server

      You can boot the system on single user mode to check your password. To get to this mode hit “TAB” when you see LILO and enter “linux single”, this way you change your root password by enter command “passwd”.

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