cant turn on the computer and unable to get bios screen

By gogrimehul ·
I have a intel 845GVSR motherboard and 2 harddrives. hdd1 is found to have some bad sector in it. i m have windows xp on hdd2.initially i used to use hdd1 for booting but it used to get hanged anytime during the execution. so i removed the intel processor and cleaned the motherboard and ram with cleaning solution. but later was unable to read the hdd1 and hdd2. once again cleaned it thoroughly and was atleast able to boot hdd2 and was able to read the hdd1. I was able to boot the harddisk and installed the new os XP on hdd1 and was able to bootup but was not able to install any antivirus and various stuffs.but now i m unable to turn it on.but now i am not able to boot up. i connected the motherboard with with friends harddisk and was able to run it properly. i connected hdd1 and hdd2 to friends 810e motherboard with his harddisk as master to boot up,scanned it and found 6 viruses from hdd1 and also not in the drive where xp was installed. does this cause not to boot?so i deleted the virus. i tried to install the os server 2000 on hdd1 from my friends harddisk but was unable to install it and came to know tht it has a bad sector. but even after deleting the viruses i m unable to load the bios screen on my motherboard.i also resetted the bios but removing the cmos and changing the jumper setting but no use.can u please suggest what can be the problem. are both the harddrives have issues of bad sector or some different issue

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by patb071 In reply to cant turn on the computer ...

Why would you clean the motherboard and components with cleaning solution? Did you use a wrist strap for grounding?

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Jumbled Mess

by dpalsen In reply to cant turn on the computer ...

That's really quite a mess you've got there. Try punctuation, proper spacing, and paragraph breaks next time.

Your problem, as much as I can make of that mess, is this: you can't get the system to start anymore?

First, to reiterate an earlier post, why try cleaning the motherboard for a hard drive issue?

Second, some viruses can keep a system from booting, and there are even a couple that could erase your BIOS and render the system unusable.

Third, have you tried a different hard drive that has been COMPLETELY wiped, reformatted, and had a fresh install performed?

Fourth, you MAY be able to low level-format the hard drive to "lock out" bad sectors, but this often is not recommended.

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