Can't Upgrade my RAM 256 tMb to 2 GB, Please Help!

By n1239 ·

I have recently bought a two sticks RAM of 1 GB each. My old RAM was 256 MB and when I removed the old one 256MB and added both the new 2* 1GB RAM my computer boots but does not show the new RAM as 2 GB and remains at 256 MB RAM. Also it does not boot to windows. Then there are options to start in safe mode but even that doesnt start.

The method I used to install them is removing the old 256 MB RAM stick from one of the slots and placed the 2 * 1 GB RAM sticks in the empty 2 slots.

The new RAM sticks are new I just bought them yesterday. They are of the type 184 PINs:
1GB DDR-I 333MHz

The old RAM 256 MB is of the type 184 PINs:
UNB PC2700 CL 2.5 APacer

My pc details are: AMD Athelon XP 2600+ 2.13 GHz.Hi
Mother Board: Biostar USA (M7NCG)
Here is the link for the manual for the Biostar mother board (M7NCG):

do you think the new RAMS I bought are faulty? OR am I not installing them correctly?

Please help.


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RAM Density

by TheChas In reply to Can't Upgrade my RAM 256 ...

I am reasonably certain that the RAM you bought is good, it is just not compatible with your specific motherboard.

Over time, the density of the RAM chips changes. Older motherboards tend to not work with newer RAM. At a minimum, you need to look for RAM modules that have 16 chips (memory ICs) on them. Preferably with 8 chips on each side.

Another possibility is that you need a BIOS update. Looking at the Biostar page for your board, I see that the latest BIOS update was posted just a few days ago on 10/29.

Unfortunately, Biostar does not have listed what the BIOS update changed or fixed.

If you decide to try the BIOS update route, FIRST, put your old RAM modules back into the system. Make SURE to follow ALL of the instructions for flashing your BIOS.

Even then, it can happen that a BIOS update will cause the motherboard to fail. So, proceed with due caution if you decide to update the BIOS.


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Just in addition to The Chas's comments on BIOS Updates

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to RAM Density

While there shouldn't be a problem if you follow the steps on Biostars Web Site if you suffer a power failure while the BIOS is being flashed all is not lost you buy a replacement BIOS Chip and fit it to your M'Board from here

Whenever I need to update the BIOS of a Server I always buy a replacement BIOS Chip as it saves time if something goes wrong during the Flash. For about $25.00 US they can supply a replacement BIOS Chip with whatever version of BIOS you require and they are quick I get these supplied Internationally in under 7 days. Much cheaper than replacing the M'Board if something goes wrong. Though I doubt that you will be concerned about Down Time like my Clients are.


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