Can't Use Internet (DNS Server Not Responding)?

By pc_trooper ·
For the past couple of days I can't use the internet on my desktop but i can on my laptop. Both run 64bit windows 7 but the desktop keeps giving me "dns server is not responding". When i open a browser i get "dns lookup failed". I have hughesnet and i use their adobe air app "status meter" to gauge my bandwidth use to prevent being penalized. The app works on the laptop but it didnt work on the desktop even before dns problem. Please help me solve this problem . Thank you.

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How are you connecting the Desktop to the Net?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can't Use Internet (DNS S ...

There is something wrong with the way that the desktop is connecting to the Modem in use here so you'll need to solve this first.


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Check your TCP/IP network settings

by seanferd In reply to Can't Use Internet (DNS S ...

specifically the DNS settings. They should point to the satellite gateway. You can't have proxies defined in the network settings or the browser. So, what changed in the last couple of days before this started happening?

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I put in a new Netgear router...

by Keighlar In reply to Can't Use Internet (DNS S ...

to replace an aging Linksys. I have three PCs set up on our home network, and sporadically every one of the PCs would get the issue where we could not connect to the internet due to DNS failure (Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7). The other two PCs would be connected just fine. Going to the command prompt and running:
ipconfig /flushdns
as administrator would clear up the connectivity issues. Unfortunately, it would return in a matter of days or a week. I finally pulled the $100 Netgear out and put the 5 year-old Linksys back in. We're now running without a hitch. Go figure.

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hmm interesting

by markp24 In reply to Can't Use Internet (DNS S ...

thats is odd, i was going to suggest using opendns but you got it solved already

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@ markp24 - Lord, no, not with Hughes.

by seanferd In reply to Can't Use Internet (DNS S ...

It will look like you have no internet connectivity at all. Not with any satellite provider of which I am aware.

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Google or OpenDNS

by 3v@N771M In reply to Can't Use Internet (DNS S ...

Try going into the web interface of your new Netgear Router and making an addition that includes Google and/or OpenDNS DNS servers and see if that resolves the problem.

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