Can't view/transfer video files from camera to computer without losing them

By piautsey ·
Posting on behalf of my daughter. When trying to transfer jpg and video files from (sandisk)sd to a computer the photo thumbnails show up perfectly but the video clips look like a blank thumbnail. She can however view the clips from her camera (Panasonic Lumix) Her experience has been that any attempt to back up, transfer or copy to disc, permanently sends these files (memories) to some unknown place in oblivion, after which they can't even be viewed on the camera.....gone forever?
Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Try using

by Jacky Howe In reply to Can't view/transfer video ...

Explorer to navigate to the Drive Letter that is assigned to the Camera and select all and copy the pictures to where you want them.

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Also, you might want to try updating

by w2ktechman In reply to Try using

media player, or other software to watch video's on the PC.

And while I am here, you probably have at least some of the old vids, when it downloads it should show a download path and/or a file name. Run a search to find out where they are.
Likely if you are using the software that came with the camera, it goes to My Documents/My Pictures or My Videos folde(s). However, it might create a special folder for the SW, likely in the directory structure where the SW resides.

As TB mentioned, use Explorer next time to navigate to where you want them copied/moved.
In case of problems, copy them first. Then if they are OK, them remove them from the SD card/camera.

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by puppybreath In reply to Also, you might want to t ...

It sounds you may not have the proper codecs installed on the PC. Try downloading the freeware package Zoom Player. It seems to have current codecs for many of the standard video formats. There are also several freeware packages out there that can analyze the file and tell you which codecs are necessary and which are missing from your PC. Google "Codec Analyzer" for some examples.

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First and Foremost.....Thanks

by piautsey In reply to Codecs

Thanks to all three of you for your suggestions. Hopefully we'll find the solution in a day or so. And I'll let you know when we do.
I was wondering if it could be something as simple as a corrupt SD card. But it would seems to me tht if the card were no good, the pictures (jpegs)would also be an issue.

Do you think that the files she thinks she lost could be buried somewhere in her computer? (And she doesn't know how to find them..)

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That is a posibility

by Jacky Howe In reply to First and Foremost.....Th ...

you will have to find out what sofware that she was using to to copy them to the PC. Sometimes you can open the software and click on File Save As and it will point to the directory where they might be.

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As yet no mention of the operating system ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Can't view/transfer video ...

So, just in case this OS is Vista, don't forget its foibles as to where it prefers to place imported files ~the Vista oblivion method~ for the sake of security of course.

You might try looking inside the user profile for your daughter's i.d.

That's where Vista most likely hid them.

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