Can't view Win2k Slave drive on XP PC

By magconsulting2 ·
I am trying to recover files for a non-PC savy friend whose HDD says OS is missing at boot (older 60 gig Quantum Fireball Plus AS from HP AMD 1100 machine).
I have used a USB device for HDD that rarely fails. I have made the drive slave on both the primary and secondary IDE channels. It shows in BIOS, shows during post, shows in device manager, but no drive letter in explorer and does not show in disk management. Could this 2k drive have some type of file protection? I have tried everything. Strange it shows so many places but cannot access.

Thanks, MAG600

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NO it's probably dead and what you are seeing in both BIOS

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Can't view Win2k Slave dr ...

And POST is the Circuit Board telling the system what is connected but as the drive has failed it's not showing up when the OS attempts to run the drive.

If you want to test this go to the Seagate Web Site and download their drive testing utility Sea Tools and test the drive. Quantum was bought by Maxtor and Maxtor was bought by Seagate hence the Seagate Web Site


The Quantum testing utility has long since disappeared form availability but Sea Tools will give you an idea if the HDD is actually working though the error messages may be incorrect it will tell you if the drive actually works.

By your description it's failed totally and if the data needs to be recovered it's a job for a Data Recovery House and they will need to read the data directly off the Platters. So it's not a cheap option.


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