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    Captcha? Who Here Would Disagree?


    by vallum halo


    I personally would be happy to have to fill out a Captcha before posting, if my opinion counts for anything.

    It is really a sad fact — we live in such a marketing driven and abusive world that you can’t trust EVEN A TECHIE to respect free technology. I suspect the people spamming this sight with illegal passports (and other stuff) probably make a big mess at restaurants also, talk too loud in movie theaters, throw trash into the street — AND would be the first to complain if any of their internet liberties were infringed.

    And — if I can point out the obvious, anyone answering any of these posts is just asking for a world of trouble. Avoid, avoid.

    So — I would vote for a strong Captcha mechanism applied to all posts. It takes five extra seconds. Only a few people post compared to the many that read. But I am open to other opinions on this.

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      So what makes you think these Spammers are Techies?

      by hal 9000

      In reply to Captcha? Who Here Would Disagree?

      It’s a fact of life that the Spamming Scum will post anywhere that they can and see it as Free Advertising. The Fake crap and so on get removed as fast as we see them appear which owing to the WWW may be a few hours after they get posted as they are World Wide and you can not have any single person sitting monitoring a Public Web Site 24/7/365.

      It’s like everything else on the web Proceed at your own risk and remember not everything you read on the Internet is real. If you believe otherwise I have a little used bridge in Sydney Australia for sale. Honest it’s only been used by a little old woman to drive to church on a Sunday and she always comes home a different way to ovoid wearing the bridge out too quickly.

      It’s a sad fact of life that on any Public Web Site members of the Public can post as they see fit and do.

      As far as Capatha’s are concerned when they where tried a few years ago they didn’t work then so I personally wouldn’t expect them to work now. They did however cause valid members lots of problems and as a result where removed.

      The best we can hope to achieve is to remove the posts soon after they appear and continue deleting those peoples accounts but they just create a new account latter and repost the same rubbish all over again. The only way to stop that would be to prevent new members from posting which is self defeating on a site like this.

      Col 馃槈

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      Hunt Them Down

      by vallum halo

      In reply to Captcha? Who Here Would Disagree?

      @Hal 9000 – interesting point. I can see how a Captcha might actually interfere, and probably not slow down a dedicated spammer that much. I have a picture in my mind of dozens of criminals with hundreds of apprentices — their job is just to fill out Captcha’s and create new accounts 馃檨

      I am certainly glad to see that my comment caught the eye of a moderator, and BTW thanks for the thankless effort in working this site (which I am new at, but reading just about every day now in detail.)

      What’s that they say? Freedom isn’t free?

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      I like captchas placed at specific places..

      by simon27

      In reply to Captcha? Who Here Would Disagree?

      … but not in a forum where you’re already registered. If someone behalves in a wrong way there are other methods to ban this user or at least give him a ticket.

      I personally like the reCaptcha of Google as it comes with some useful aspect in it.

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