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Capture the WiFi signal from video camera, with Android

By Windranger ·
My camera can stream live the video it shoots live, via Wi-Fi; I want to capture this stream on an Android smartphone, as I need to further process the video. Camera model is Panasonic HD-V550. (other models like HD-V750, HD-V720, HD-V520 do exactly the same)

There is this mode called "Baby-monitor mode"; I asked Panasonic about it and they said that video is sent uncompressed, "the way it is shot by the camera" if I understood well. I assume this means raw video. Anyway the fact that it's uncompressed and not downsampled (unlike in Live Cast mode-streaming to Ustream server) makes it to be exactly what I need.

Panasonic provides an application called "Image App" ( but it's not open source. This application makes it possible to see the video on the smartphone's screen, but I don't need only that, I want to use the video for further manipulation, encoding, etc so I want to write a new program from scratch.

My question is how can I know what the type of the WiFi video signal is and what Android APIs to use in order to capture this video stream; so I know how to start the development. Would there be an easier way to do it than decompiling the "Image App" with tool like which I'm not familiar with...

Any help or even hints highly appreciated.

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