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Carbon footprint ??

By a.coulston ·

I joined just now to find some ideas and information on how a I.T department can reduce its carbon footprint. Basically I am looking for low power PC's, printers, air con units - everything. I can't find anything on this site and was wondering if anyone had any links to information?



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Well basically

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Carbon footprint ??

If you go with NB's on the desktop and minimum Power Supply Ratings in Servers that will reduce the required power but at the expense of usability and reliability. You are better to send the things into Hibernation when not being used as this will reduce the required power that they consume.

As far as AC Units go you need to look at the individual units and get the best one for the job that you are doing with one big or bigger than required for the size of the room that you want to cool/heat and a high Star Rating that implies that it's Energy Efficient.

As for printers this all depends on what you are using and what you need to do most of the Laser ones will put themselves to sleep and into Power Saving mode when not being used, Bubble Jet ones consume very little power when not being used.

If you really want to reduce the Carbon Footprint you can do as I've done here and switch the Backup Power to all Solar Power it's even possible to run these permanently in this fashion if required but you need a big bank of batteries to soak up the required power to store till it's required and efficient inverters to cut down on power wastage. Also remember to use a Charge Controller on the Batteries to prevent overcharging and their damage. With the Jell Filled Solar Cell Batteries currently available you should expect about 8 years life out of them without a second thought.

The ones that I've set up work a treat but as they are all only Backup Power they where never designed for full time use but in bad conditions if the desktops are turned off at night they can keep the entire place running for a couple of days. I had one place who ran off the Solar Array for 4 days till the mains could be restored because of damage to the overhead power lines.


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Don't forget the simple stuff as well

by drowningnotwaving In reply to Carbon footprint ??

* Make sure non-critical PC's (for example those that are NOT networked up for product testing overnight) are turned off.

* Make sure office lights are turned off in non-shift times, including desk-top lights.

* Put the office hot-water and a/c units on timers so they don't go overnight and all weekend if there are no people there. Include the kitchen/staff amenities hot-water unit.

* Do some 'sensitivity' testing with your lighting - is it critical that every single light is on all the time? If so, keep them on. If not, see what you can do to have some put on separate switches / fuses and thus don't turn them on if they aren't needed.

* If you run a separate server facility, does this need the lighting turned on when no-one is in there?

My point is that there is a stack of things every office can do that take no real effort or additional investment, but reduce both expenses and power usage.

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