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Care to make a million? - Take the challenge

By Mark W. Kaelin Editor ·
As part of its effort to make the IT community more aware of its recently open-sourced INGRES database product, CA has created the Ingres Million Dollar Challenge.

"As part of the announcement, CA presents the Ingres Million Dollar Challenge to the open source community for development under CA?s Trusted Open Source License (CATOSL) programs.

To participate, download the Ingres software and deliver an operational software program that automatically converts, transforms and migrates data and applications from one or more of the following selected databases:

Microsoft SQL Server
Sybase Adaptive Enterprise Server
IBM DB2 Universal
IBM Informix Dynamic Server

Will they give you a million dollars for your application? Not exactly - $400,000.00 is max prize- but the challenge may prove worthwhile. Check out the fine print at:

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Why open source it now ?

by rlucente In reply to Care to make a million? - ...

What is motivating them to open source it now as opposed to earlier ? Also, take a look at the license carefully. They can take it back private if they want to. Lastly, is this just a publicity stunt and a way to get the community to do work for them very cheaply ? I am familiar w/ both products and I have actually done a migration from Ingres to Oracle. Given the amount of work and the number of entrants, I would rather play the lottery because the odds are probably better.

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Academic Exercise

It looks like a fun little academic exercise.
After the competition is done, there'll be a bout a zillion utilities that do the same thing a zillion different ways - and a fistful that are usable.

I'd hate to take on such an intensive project and NOT get the $$$.

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I'd hate to take on such an intensive project and NOT get the $$$.

by rlucente In reply to Academic Exercise

"I'd hate to take on such an intensive project and NOT get the $$$."

I second the motion.

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publicity stunt?

by swstephe In reply to Care to make a million? - ...

Some marketing-type thought that they would get a few thousand developers that would try out Ingres, fall in love with the environment and become a Ingres zealot. They get publicity for giving one developer some money. What are the chances that the guy/girl who gets the money is actually on Ingres payroll and doesn't actually accept the money, (anyone who does is going to get taxed to the eyeballs anyway).

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