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By Y.Way ·
I have been in the IT field within the legal industry for 7 years. During that time, I have flip-flopped from training to helpdesk and, as a result have had a difficult time advancing in my career. I have recently changed to another company which isquite willing to invest in my career and help me advance, but I have no idea where to begin. All of my IT skills are from hands-on experience, and have no idea where to start as far as certification, or areas of expertise. Perhaps someone who has been in a similar situation might be able to offer some tips. I enjoy doing support, but would really like to expand my skills set to become more marketable and perhaps move into a management role one day.

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by kevinalexander In reply to Career Advancement in Sup ...

It sounds like you may need to specialize a little. If you had to make a choice would you choose training or helpdesk?

There are pros and cons with each:

Pros: Generally better pay, conditions and flexibility.
Cons: Often work is not constant, more preparation needed and therefore often more hours worked. Can be difficult to find time to stay that "one step ahead".

Pros: Work comes to you, not much need to be proactive, always a market for your skills.
Cons: Generally lower pay than a trainer and hassle from managers and users can be a pain in the butt.

As for qualifications, for a trainer you really need to be looking at the top qualifications in your area of expertise. So MSCE, CNE and CCIE for MS, Novell and Cisco respectively. You can start with the easier qualifications though (MCP, CNA and CCNA).

For helpdesk, the qualifications would still be useful but (as so often is the case) you may need to move company to get recognition for your new quals.

Hope this helps in some way!

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