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career advancement worries

By salvatoresaia ·

I have been working in the IT field for nearly 8 years, currently i am unhappy with my Job and the department restructuring decisions made by upper level management. Here are some of things that have been bothering me.

Beginning of this year i had a one to one meeting from someone from HR, they are fully aware of me wanting to transfer to another department to further my career. I was advised that due to the crisis there was not much in terms of opportunities and things could pick up during the year. The company is trying to remove consultants from the company in order to reduce costs and to replace them internally.

End of may i noticed that a consultant left the company in a team i would be interested in, i informed HR i would like to join this team, they came back to me stating that they have no intention of replacing consultants internally and to keep looking at the internal positions on the company's intranet. So basically Hr have been feeding me with lies or its too early to add positions due to the crisis, even so HR should have been straight with me from the beginning.

Upper level management made a decision on the restructuring of the team i work in, some members were moved to another team due to their extensive technical knowledge which i had no problem however, they are no longer located next to the team i currently work in, this in my opinion leads to inefficiencies of course the management decisions are final although they are never there to see how we work and what we do so how can they determine how the team should be structured, it seems to me to be a very political decision.

I asked one of superiors what the process was to move to another team, a few months later several members of the team found out including the manager above the superior which i was unhappy with as the superior was the only one i informed, seems to be a gossiper in the team.

Due to the actions of my superior i have began to lose trust from her and maybe other members of the team and have decided to distance myself from some people do my job the best way i can mind my own business and leave.

I have been at this company for nearly 3 years i was promised that the company encouraged career development and would provide me a career path, of course i was wrong so now i have contemplated but not too sure if this is the right time to look for another job outside the company. But not any job it has to be the right career move as its tiring moving sideways.

I have experienced unhappiness, depression and anger due to these issues. These conditions have made a big impact in demotivation whcih has affected my MCSE training.

has anyone experienced any of the following issues? How do you tackle this?

Thanks for any advice provided.

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I moved on

by jck In reply to career advancement worrie ...

I moved to Florida to work for a corporation that sounds much like the situation you are experiencing. I was promised advancement, regular raises, flex time, etc.

None of that ever happened. In fact, I saw where tech leads on projects were allowed to take project work done by lower level technical people and put their own names on it for recognition and to achieve bonuses not paid to their lower-level workers.

After seeing that for a little over two years, I was so frustrated and upset (especially after one technical concept I devised made them millions in R&amp dollars from customers) that I decided just to leave software development all together and I went into an IT field installing and configuring timeclock systems.

It was a low pressure, low stress job for a while, until the contracting company started doing what they did best: hiking their rates to their contractors. Then, the work began being "work from home" doing remote support 10 hours per day. Of course, that was using my internet connection to do their work at no reimbursement.

I would say look for a job that pays you what you want and gives you the things you want and need from a job. Don't compromise. And, discuss frankly with your possible employers those things you want and get their total agreement (even in writing, if necessary) that you will be afforded those things/opportunities in your job.

I wish you all the best. I know how you feel.

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Broken promises and lies = leave

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to career advancement worrie ...

When you are ready at the most convenient point for you.

Once a welching liar, always one.

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Three years ago...

by KSoniat In reply to career advancement worrie ...

all they promised may have been true. All companies are taking hits.

I would still look elsewhere - but it may be out of their control.

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Career path is a myth

by JamesRL In reply to career advancement worrie ...

Sure, a small handfull of people follow a defined path, but sooner or later they end up where they don't want to be.

A truism I hope you have learned: YOU are responsible for your career, don't ever trust that someone else will do it for you.

HR and your supervisor may not be lying. What they said to you may have been the truth at the time. You have to accept that managament can't always share all the background information with you. But things change, decisions get reversed, and sometimes its a painful thing, both for you and management.

The approach I would have taken in your postition is this. Instead of approching the supervisor or HR and perhaps sounding like you think you deserved a move, ask them instead what are the gaps they might see in your current skills, and whats expected in the other role. That shows that you are eager, but also that you are willing to work on getting there. Thats the point at which they will either work with you to create a plan, or fess up and say they don't think you would be a fit. Either way you are better off.

Have you had good reviews for 3 years? Thats generally the amount of time in the job before one is considered for promotion, unless the job is badly graded in the first place. Have you gone beyond the strict definition of the job to show what you can do?

Do not dismiss moving sideways out of hand. Several times I've taken a step back to get in the door at the right place, and it usually means rapid promotions afterwards. I'd happily take a step sideways to be in the right department or the right company for growth both mine and theirs.


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