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By mbc11 ·
I am a recent graduate with a Computer Science degree. I currently have two job offers on the table and I am unsure about which one I want. The two positions are completely different. The first offer is from where I am currently doing my internship. I would be doing web applications in .NET, ColdFusion, VB, etc. The other offer is to work on a Mainframe in assembly language. I don't know where to take my CS degree. It's not like I went to school to be a teacher and now I am a teacher. I am lost, not sure what I want to do. Both companies are great, benefits are similar, without looking at the money what else do I base my decision on?

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You Say

by Wizard-09 In reply to Career Advice

That you have a offer from the place that you completed your internship with. You have worked for this company for what about a year maybe more, how did you find the company do you get on with everyone you work with do you enjoy working for the company, how easy is it to get to. So what I'm saying here is that if your happy were you are stay because the next place might not be as you expect.

Hope that helps.

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If those were my choices...

by KSoniat In reply to Career Advice

I'd pick the web applications in .NET, Coldfusion, VB etc. Not only have you been there for your internship, but the languages are more current and widespread.

Go to monster, careerbuilder or indeed and search for those languages. You may not find any requests for mainframe and assembler.

You need to think ahead to the next job too, what will make you more marketable.

It's a good problem to have!! Let us know which way you choose and how it works out.

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the next job

by mbc11 In reply to If those were my choices. ...

Thanks for both of your replys. I am happy at the company I am with now, however I do want to move away. I live in a small town with the desire to be a city girl so that would be my only issue with the job I have now. I posted this because I want to think about the experience I will be getting and if that makes me more marketable when/if I need a new position in the future. I guess I really wanted to know which job would give me the skills needed to be more marketable in the upcoming IT field. Where is IT going? and which position would place me better there??

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As a former country boy....

by JamesRL In reply to the next job

...and after 29 years in IT....

Pick the devil you know, if you enjoyed your internship. Technology aside you don't know the person you would work for at the other company like you know the people at your internship.

Plus doing assembler on a mainframe is kind of a dead end.

The .Net etc would make your more marketable. Build your resume with good skills, then look around when the economy is better.

There are no guarentees, but thats how I would see it.


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