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By Confused25 ·

I recently obtained a master's degree in Occupational Safety and Health with a focus in Safety Management. My bachelor's degree was in Occupational Safety and Health.

I have been searching for a position for several months and have not found one just yet. I have had several interviews, but nothing has panned out. I have recently decided to expand my field a little just to see if there may be anything else out there. I have a second interview for an IT position tomorrow. The IT field interests me and I could potentially see a career in it.

The interviewer told me that degrees are great, but what really sells you are certifications. If I decide to go into the field, I will of course begin work on certifications right away. I am concerned of promotion in the IT field due to my degrees being in another area, even if I obtained several certifications. My wife and I are wanting to start a family within the next few years, buy a house, etc. and for this I will require greater compensation of course. I was wondering if these certifications would be enough to obtain higher positions or if I'm sunk without a degree in the field. Any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated.



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Degree doesn't matter

by OnlyIt121 In reply to Career Advice

In the IT the diplon plays practically no role. If you really know what the programming language is, then you will have no problems with your career

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Top 5 Career Jobs

by cciedumpspoto In reply to Career Advice

1. High Management Cadre:

The apex management with decision taking responsibilities command phenomenal remunerations. The entry level in corporate though demands lots of struggle and hard work for sustenance. But once you are at the higher management level your salaries are what you wish. If you are holding a management degree from a renowned institute, even the sky can not be your limit. With the present trend of hiring young CEOs and managements on board, doors to endless & wide opportunities has opened up.

2. Medical Professionals:

Both regular as well as emergency medical services are always in demand, driving in huge amount of respectable money. Doctors having private practice and are well recognized and renowned (specially specialized ones like Surgeons, etc.) command high consultation fees. And to talk about the non-tangible asset in terms of dignity and respect their profession earns them, is unmatchable. The other professionals like dentists, dietitians, etc.; with good practice are as well quite much in the race. Similarly the medical service institutions like Apollo, Dr. Lal Path Lab’s, etc. drive lots of money and job opportunities.

3. IT Professionals:

IT industry and their solutions are always in high demand round the globe and it thus fetches exorbitant salaries to its employees. The industry though has seen a downturn in the past years, but the computer and software dependency of the industries had brought it up. The salaries paid are touching the sky by the day and people thus in this sector in any department get a pay far more than in other sector and jobs here are recession proof.

4. Charted Accountants (CAs) & Corporate Financial Advisors (CFAs):

Updating and maintenance of books of accounts is a prerequisite for every company, for which they are willing to pay what the professionals demand. Companies are dependant on CAs and CFAs to keep their books handy for the audit time; and for annual financial planning as well. Thus a wizard at accounts and numbers has phenomenal job options at his hand, or you can do private practice as well demanding fees as per your expertise.

5. IT Sector.
Lastly the most paid jobs column includes the jobs of IT Sector, but to have it you will have to study and gain some important certification like the CISCO Certifications.

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Certificates are Great

by contact1550492909 In reply to Career Advice

Look ,for me education did not take any role but experience with certificates issued by Google.You have a lot of certification program where you can deploy and earn some credit and knowledge also.
So yea,invest in certification programs.

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Certificates are Great

by celmarhdawids In reply to Certificates are Great

You have to full knowledge of language practical and vocabulary in IT.

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