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By LowRyda ·
Need some career advice, I currently work as an IT Support Officer contracted to a Government Agency. I have a Diploma of Systems Technology and have completed my MCSE, MCSA* Messaging, A+. Towards the end of last year the role I was working in for the previous 15 months (which basically entailed administering an Oracle 10g environment along with providing a Help desk service to users) was transformed into a position where I would administer a Sharepoint Portal (probably 5% of the role) and perform audits of quality systems ( not really technology based systems more management). This change has really left me in a spin as it has provided me with a better pay packet but has moved me away from my technology based role and inturn I believe could be jeopardizing my experience base for future employment opportunities.

So I would appreciate any advice in what my next move should be I have been looking into undertaking more training perhaps and also have been looking at entry level support roles again. I am very confused to add to this I am putting extra pressure on myself and looking into buying a house with my wife and new born child.

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Whats best

by patb071 In reply to Career Advice

I would do what is best for your family. I don't know what your economy is over there but over here if you have a job stick it out for now. What is the possibilty of a position opening up in IT? Some companys will offer to pay for more traing, You should check and see if they do.

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I sincerely thankyou for your response.

by LowRyda In reply to Whats best

Our Economy is fluctuating, certainly not healthy. I have to say I feel that your advice of sticking with the job for the time being seems to make sense although I am not loving the position I am in at least I still have a position (I need to look at the positives). So for know I think I will stick with it.
At this stage I am not confident that the job will take a turn back towards IT but our environment is very dynamic and I suppose it always a possibility. As for training I have explored the possibility of receiving training through my employer and it looks as if I will have to wait until the new financial year as our budget seems to have been blown out.
Also adding to the mix in our state until June we have an offer where we receive 25k toward our first home if we build it, so that?s a real pro for staying in the role.

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