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    by mjromano ·

    Hi Everyone,

    I could really use some help with this decision. I currently work for a large mutual fund company and enjoy the company and the people there. The problem is the company is very far from my home (28 miles) and it’s not in my field of study (I have a degree in computer science and I’m working as a mutual fund analyst). I was recently offered a job much closer to home that will put me back in IT, this job will also pay me slightly more.

    The sticking point is that I’ve become fairly comfortable at my current place of work and I’d be moving from a very large company to a fairly small one where I would be the only IT guy, which is a lot of pressure in of itself. My offical title would be “IT Manager” and I’d be performing basic duties such as monitoring the server, the active directory, and support issues. I’m a little nervous about being THE guy, but at the same time I want to get back into IT.

    I’ve been out of the game for awhile and I’m wondering if this may be too big of an undertaking seeing as I will be by myself. Any help/advice is appreciated.


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      by mjromano ·

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      Go for it

      by billbohlen@hallmarkchannl ·

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      That’s exactly how I got my foot in the door many years ago. A small company is a great way to go.
      But it is going to require a lot of hard work on your part – self study and lots of troubleshooting ability. But keep in mind that 90% of your problems are already documented and solved, you just have to know how to use Google.

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      Well the best way is to look at it in more detail…

      by Anonymous ·

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      Answer “Y” or “N”, the more Y’s you put down next to each one against the N’s, the Y’s are the winners.

      Write down:
      1) Are you happy where you are.?
      2) What are the perks (insurance blah blah)?.
      3) Do they give you travel allowance?
      4) How far do you travel (and for how long)?

      In the other job:
      1) What are the hours?.
      2) Will you be happy working on your own (sometimes)?.
      3) What are the perks(insurance blah blah)?.
      4) How far do you travel (and for how long)?

      This is just an example add more or take off less. In the end it is you, what you want, what you need. Sometimes we just like working where we are because of the comfort zone. But then still waters become stagnant and in the end you will need some fresh air. So go for something different, go for change, go for (it).

      Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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      When the going gets tough….

      by robo_dev ·

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      Simultaneously changing careers and jobs is a gutsy thing to do, and it’s never easy changing hats that way.

      But in the big picture of life, where do you see yourself in ten years?

      Would you rather be ‘comfortable’ doing something that is not your passion, or be more challenged doing something that IS your passion?

      Give yourself a chance to succeed in the new job… understand that there is going to be an adjustment period.

      In a smaller company, you will have the power to make the enterprise more successful through the use of technology.

      As the only IT person, others will worship you as a god and offer to wash your feet and so forth. That can be enjoyable…

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      best way to learn

      by pc-guru ·

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      is to jump in head first and WING IT 😛
      you always have google and techrepublic

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      My thoughts

      by rob miners ·

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      If you have a passion for IT and you can handle the pressure, I would say go for it. Its really like riding a bike once you get back on it all comes back. As others have already mentioned Google is your friend and PC_guru is right about TR and the members here that are always willing to help out when you get into a jam. I enjoyed my role as the only IT person on site, it really is a buzz having your feet washed every now and then. 😉

      But at the end of the day the decision lies with you, you are going to have to live with it. 😉

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        by mjromano ·

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        Thanks for all the advice so far guys — it’s good to know that I have so many resources on here.

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