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I am enrolling into the university of Wi. yes money is important to me as is the demand for my career. should i go information systems security or software engineering technology? as i said before money and demand are important to me. Please Help!

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I would go for "information systems security", but that would be my choice.

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Career advise

As for "software engineering technology", you can learn that as you go along (if needed).
Information systems security would be my first choice, as for any firms, Security is a must for all data on any system(s).
Hope all goes well.

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I reckon you're running before you can walk ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Career advise

You are only at the enrollment stage - you don't even know what the chairs feel like.

Some chairs are comfier than others, and with the chairs some students are comfier with one subject than the other.

There is little to zero point of making your mind up, less than zero based on what any of us tell you, because we all ended up doing what we are doing (or have done) based not on what we preferred but on what we were any good at.

You might opt for the wrong specialism based on equally wrong advice.

ANYONE who reckons they know which one YOU should opt for, is talking bullsh|t. We don't know you the person and more importantly you can only see a bunch of pixels on a screen representing us.

Which one was the one that drew you to the course?

No matter what anyone else tells you to do, if you end up in a specialism that you are rotten at doing, it'll be a dead-end street career-wise.

Only you can decide, based on what you enjoy doing. If you don't enjoy doing it you'll never make it, regardless of what it pays.

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Career advise

by IMALLYEARMONEY In reply to I reckon you're running b ...

I still would like to know which one is more in demand and which one makes the most money

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Basically the two go together...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Career advise

Software engineering will be nice, if you can do it, it can bring in the big money. But you will need security also. But the choice really is yours, there is no guaranty you will be in THE money as it were, but at least you might live comfortably.
Good luck anyway on which you decide on. :)

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Try Bureau of Labor & Statistics

by KSoniat In reply to Career advise

This link is careers by location in the US.
Don't know if you'll want to stay in WI or not. Run through a few scenarios and see what happens.

It has to be a good fit for you too though. Try taking some classes from both areas and see which suit you better.

Best of Luck.

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Career advise

by IMALLYEARMONEY In reply to Try Bureau of Labor & Sta ...

I guess im trying to find out in what aspect of It would i make the most money? information programming software ect....

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Here.. I will follow the link for you:

by KSoniat In reply to Career advise

This is a chart (not formatted here) of WI wages for various IT positions. Which I found at the link I provided you earlier.

I will tell you if you will not do the work, it will not matter what your job title is.

Computer and Mathematical Science Occupations top
Wage Estimates
Occupation Code Occupation Title (click on the occupation title to view an occupational profile) Employment (1) Median Hourly Mean Hourly Mean Annual (2) Mean RSE (3)
15-0000 Computer and Mathematical Science Occupations 51,820 $29.75 $30.83 $64,130 0.8 %
15-1011 Computer and Information Scientists, Research 80 $55.44 $62.28 $129,550 28.9 %
15-1021 Computer Programmers 6,790 $29.23 $30.69 $63,830 2.4 %
15-1031 Computer Software Engineers, Applications 9,390 $34.65 $35.35 $73,530 1.8 %
15-1032 Computer Software Engineers, Systems Software 2,960 $36.61 $36.68 $76,300 2.0 %
15-1041 Computer Support Specialists 7,920 $20.22 $21.07 $43,830 1.1 %
15-1051 Computer Systems Analysts 9,210 $31.54 $32.07 $66,700 1.2 %
15-1061 Database Administrators 1,690 $31.26 $31.83 $66,210 1.3 %
15-1071 Network and Computer Systems Administrators 5,200 $28.71 $29.61 $61,590 1.2 %
15-1081 Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts 5,930 $29.74 $30.63 $63,720 1.1 %
15-1099 Computer Specialists, All Other 1,120 $27.88 $28.70 $59,690 3.0 %
15-2011 Actuaries 690 $40.47 $48.67 $101,240 7.8 %
15-2021 Mathematicians 60 $30.45 $31.64 $65,820 4.3 %
15-2031 Operations Research Analysts 460 $29.58 $30.66 $63,770 3.5 %
15-2041 Statisticians 300 $32.67 $32.95 $68,540 2.0 %
15-2099 Mathematical Science Occupations, All Other 30 $26.03 $27.66 $57,530 4.5 %

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