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career change

By suetauber ·
I would like to get into the it field. My epxerience is mostly on the administrative side mostly as an administrative assistant. I am planning to get the mous certification word/excel expert level. what is the best way to get started.

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what interests you?

by uofM In reply to career change

I think a career change (into anything) is good as long as you've done the research. Both on the new career and yourself. I don't mean to preach, but the grass IS always greener. I'm actually in IT looking to get out.

In anycase, my advise would be to take on some responsiblities within your current company that's IT related (manage a simple Access Database - or better yet, create a simple database that you can use) and also do alot of reading. This will give you the freedom to try out and learn about different aspects of IT (software, hardware etc...). And if you decide that its right for you.. you can either transfer or start taking classes.

Hope this helps. and good luck.

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softwatre trainer position

by suetauber In reply to what interests you?

currently I am looking for a job and have been oour of work over a year. I am interested in becoming a software trainer in the future.


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Don't do it

by kiswebmail In reply to softwatre trainer positio ...

First some background. I was a DB developer, but due to the fact that I am very personable with good communication skills (i.e. I can translate technospeak into english) I was encouraged (forced) to enter the software training field. Initially it was great! I got a substantial raise (this was the mid-90's), and the opportunity to travel all over the country, stay in the best hotels with a virtually unlimited expense account. Life was good. My company was bought by an international mega-corp andthings immediately went to ****. Suddenly, and I mean almost overnight, I was booked into the worst type of extended stay dumps. Had to work 60+ hours a week, and then spend another 10-20 hours prepping for the next class. Every expense was denied and I had to spend more hours on the phone with corporate justifying my need to eat & buy gas for the rent-a-car. Then came the switch from industry standard software to propietary crap that is only useful to 1 or 2 companies. Next came the reduction or elimination of benefits, pay cuts, etc.
Then came the inevitable lay-offs 'cause the stock price was in the toilet, and I've become the world's authority on a software package that nobody but my former employer used.
In the mean-time the 'profession' has been taken over by refugees from the public school system with little or no real technical knowlege, but they work real cheap.
My old skills have become completely out-dated, so I can start over again from the begining, in the face of government subsidized off-shoring, and an oversupply of other laid-off techies with more specific experience and connections.
Save yourself from a repeat of your 'out of work for over a year' experience, and learn a specific language/technology that makes you happy, and keep up-to-date.

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I agree, don't do it!!!!

by drklahn1 In reply to Don't do it

With the current state of the economy, IT hiring has virtually grinded to a halt. As an IT consultant for over 6 years, I find myself out of work for over 4 months. Also, the current trend of corporate America is outsourcing and I don't believe this will ever change. Another thing to keep in mind is that will be competing with foreign temp workers called H-1Bs that are directly competing for American jobs.

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IT is NOT the way to go right now

by Shadoglare2 In reply to I agree, don't do it!!!!

I agree - personally this fall I'm planning on going back to school this fall to learn another career field to get OUT of IT.
The pay is NOT that good (with the rare exception of technical specialties that require a lot more training and experience than you've mentioned), and the job market is abysmal.

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Slow down and spell words correctly

by rander2 In reply to career change

You have incorrectly spelled two words. My advice is to slow down and smell the roses.

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