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By Nsohenick ·
I currently work for a small 8 person company. We are an accounting solutions firm. I am a consultant here. I recently accepted a position with a much larger marketing company training end-users with the online drafting program and supporting in house users. No Selling. It also comes with a 15% raise. My boss is telling me this is a dead end situation, but I fell like that is where I am now. And I always hated accounting. He said he would give me more money. I feel like I am moving to more money and less responsiblity, but I will be giving up 5 weeks vaca to start all over again. Is this a bad move, will I be unemployed? Would remaining a consultant be better in the end? Does anyone have any input?

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by john_wills In reply to Career Change

Put your 15% raise aside so you can take a long unpaid vacation, say a month, each year. That means, of course, that you have in effect no raise, but you probably have health and other benefits which you did not have as a consultant, so on the wholeyou're better off. And your *next* job, a few years down the road, will presumably give you a raise upon your present gross, and you can negotiate for suitable paid vacation, so it may be a real step forward. As for it being a dead-end position, it probably isn't: you will get a lot of knowledge of automated drafting and some understanding of the underlying programming theory.

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Never thought of that

by Nsohenick In reply to vacation

Wow, you're right. I can do that. They actually do offer unpaid time off. Thank you for your help. I think I'll do that.

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by ghstinshll In reply to Never thought of that

Should be working for a "big 4" firm, and thenyou'd get good pay too!

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changing my career

by pinar In reply to Career Change

I was in a situation similar to the one you describe. I had done some 10+ years in a field where I felt I had no more room for growth. Networks were always a part time hobby for me. So I seriously considered getting into that field. I trained for certs (am still doing so)and found an entry level position. Two things, the whole process has been tough and satisfying.

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Career update

by nsohenick In reply to Career Change

Hello all. I resigned up for TR and saw this question that I asked months ago.

Just to let you know I took the corporate job and I like it. Everything that I wanted to cut out of my daily activities has been cut out. I have a more important roleand I am surrounded by smart hardworking people. I am learning a lot. I do miss flextime, but I am sure I can work something out at my yearly review.

Over all it was a good move.


Nicole Sohenick

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