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Career change advise- Thinking about going back to IT field

Hi everyone,

i am currently working as an executive assistant in a logistics company for 7 years. This job is my real first job since i graduated. i had a BS in Computer Science and Masters in Database management. it has been a while since i was away from IT world. I chose a different career field for a personal reason. I am thinking about changing my career and dont want to waste my education. i talked to my friend who is a front-end web developer and she actually enjoys her job. She did not come from any IT background and took the 12 weeks intensive training program. I want to find something that i will enjoy doing as my future career. what is the best way for me to do to get back to that field? Should i learn new programming languages like Python and Ruby on Rails? Am i able to compete with those young programmers? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Try your hands in data science

by Alice Samanta In reply to Career change advise- Thi ...

Build command over several languages like R, Python and build your career in data science.

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have a portfolio or brochure

by de.doughboy In reply to Career change advise- Thi ...

Most firms wont touch you without either of these. Since you've been away from programming your skills have dampened a bit. It's like math. Use it or loose it. To stay current on skills so pick up some low cost remote courses from Udemy or linkedIn.

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Doing a successful career change

by ACareerExpert In reply to Career change advise- Thi ...

Hi - I admit that I am a bit confused:)
If you DON'T want to use your education, and you are not in the industry of your education, why would you consider going back into a comp sci (aka Tech) field.... Your formal degree is perfect for the programming world - hence why I am confused.

Either way I think you have to do some self digging. (Your friend may wish she had the degree you have in the future!). Everyone's goals and dreams and strengths are different: you need to continue to figure more on the common strengths, traits and skills you have and like to use.

I can tell you that NOW is a better time to do a successful career change - we are still in a good economy. There is no point going back to a (fulltime) schooling just to come out during a slow-down in the economy. (link removed by moderator)

7 years out of school isn't old... yet from what I am reading you have never been in the IT world. Ask your friend what she likes and then try to map that to what you like. ASK a lot of people.
You may pivot your career 5 times over the course of your 25+ career. It is good that you are still exploring which as career transition coaching and consulting coach I tell all of my clients to be doing.

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