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Career change advise- Thinking about going back to IT field

By claireyang019 ·
Hi everyone,

i am currently working as an executive assistant in a logistics company for 7 years. This job is my real first job since i graduated. i had a BS in Computer Science and Masters in Database management. it has been a while since i was away from IT world. I chose a different career field for a personal reason. I am thinking about changing my career and dont want to waste my education. i talked to my friend who is a front-end web developer and she actually enjoys her job. She did not come from any IT background and took the 12 weeks intensive training program. I want to find something that i will enjoy doing as my future career. what is the best way for me to do to get back to that field? Should i learn new programming languages like Python and Ruby on Rails? Am i able to compete with those young programmers? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Try your hands in data science

by Alice Samanta In reply to Career change advise- Thi ...

Build command over several languages like R, Python and build your career in data science.

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Career Change Advice

by lorelieop1 In reply to Career change advise- Thi ...

Hi claireyang019, learning new programming languages will increase your chances of getting a job. Since you have been in a different career for 7 years and technology is constantly changing, yes, you have to study again. But it's doesn't have to be a college degree. You may avail yourself of an online short course. Do you know Try to browse those sites.
Your goal to make a career shift after 7 years is attainable if you know the techniques on how to do it. I read some articles which I hope will help you in your transition:
According to these articles, there are skills which you can transfer from your current job to your target career. You just have to identify these things. In addition, networking with other professionals can also speed up your transition. Being with people in your field of interest can open a lot of possibilities.

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by SandraRatliff In reply to Career change advise- Thi ...

Well, I may advise you to try freelance. Also, I've seen a few morу options at EssayExplorer and I'm sure it's gonna be useful for you, too. Hope you'll find your dream job as soon as possible.

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have a portfolio or brochure

by de.doughboy In reply to Career change advise- Thi ...

Most firms wont touch you without either of these. Since you've been away from programming your skills have dampened a bit. It's like math. Use it or loose it. To stay current on skills so pick up some low cost remote courses from Udemy or linkedIn.

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Doing a successful career change

by ACareerExpert In reply to Career change advise- Thi ...

Hi - I admit that I am a bit confused:)
If you DON'T want to use your education, and you are not in the industry of your education, why would you consider going back into a comp sci (aka Tech) field.... Your formal degree is perfect for the programming world - hence why I am confused.

Either way I think you have to do some self digging. (Your friend may wish she had the degree you have in the future!). Everyone's goals and dreams and strengths are different: you need to continue to figure more on the common strengths, traits and skills you have and like to use.

I can tell you that NOW is a better time to do a successful career change - we are still in a good economy. There is no point going back to a (fulltime) schooling just to come out during a slow-down in the economy. Skim/read this:

7 years out of school isn't old... yet from what I am reading you have never been in the IT world. Ask your friend what she likes and then try to map that to what you like. ASK a lot of people.
You may pivot your career 5 times over the course of your 25+ career. It is good that you are still exploring which as career transition coaching and consulting coach I tell all of my clients to be doing.

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