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Career change into IT

By Kevo ·
I'm planning a change of career to IT from 10 years in management. I have studied for the last two years and I'm at the point where I have to decide on which area I want to work in. My background is in the automotive industry on the customer serviceside, my experience with IT in this position is limited to using applications and developing a database with MS Access. My original idea was to get into web development but it appears to be an area everyone wants to be in. My study has included a wide range, networking operating systems and some programming (VB mainly). I know I have start at the bottom which I don't mind. Can anyone help me on where to start? I like working with MS application, VB and really enjoyed develping the database.

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That's up to you.

by BryanS In reply to Career change into IT

Pick an area that you think you might like and start there. Everyone is interested in getting into the particular area that is 'hot'. Who cares! There are jobs for qualified people in virtually all areas of IT. Go with the area that you are genuinely interested in and that you thing you would enjoy.

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Re: Career change into IT

by studmuffin In reply to Career change into IT

You seem like a person who isn't a totally newbie, in other words, you have some computer skills. You say have a wide range of
of networking operatiing systems study, and some programming, mostly VB. Here's a suggestion, since your focus is with MS apps
in terms of MS apps and you like VB, have you ever thought about the MCDBA certification? MCDBA stands for Microsoft Certified Database
Administrator. Here's a URL that provides more information about a MCDBA is:

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Career Change

by d_fletcher66 In reply to Career change into IT

Hey. I?ve been wondering about making a career change too?in fact recently asked almost the same question at Got some good feedback. Have you ever checked out that site? Its got great IT gigs for independent contractors and their message boards are pretty decent.

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e-commerce discussion group

by Al Macintyre In reply to Career change into IT

sign up for the eCommerce Discussion List for free at:

Then start checking out the archives.

There have been a ton of posts on topics related to what software packages pros cons, most common mistakes people make setting up web sites, how to get competence in all this.

You might also try to get an understanding of the significance of the major operating systems, since for many people you are like in a box wearing rose colored glasses ... computers work a certain way, a data base administrator does certain things, the challenges of a security officer are thus & so, and then you land at a site that has a different operating system & everything you knew just was not so.

for example is a great white paper by DH Brown (competitor of this TR place)that compares Windows NT with IBM AS/400 operating system ... they can both do just about anything, but each of them blows the socks off the other in certain categories.

Then when you think you have an understanding of that, go after similar white papers that compare vs. Unix & Linux & Mac & other OS & perhaps different programming languages.

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Data Base Development

by Al Macintyre In reply to Career change into IT

Be careful not to confuse data base design with the tools & programs used to work with DB.

Some of the more advanced DB like IBM's UDB can have various kinds of business rules incorporated in the file definition such that no programs are needed --- end user uses just about any standard access tool & the rules prevent them from deleting records or making cost minus or various whatever the business rules are ... here's a site to give you an introduction to that notion.

Click on the icon of the AS/400 to get an explanation of IBM's data base machine.

If you have trouble understanding ERROS which is understandable to anyone with a life time of working with programs that access data base files, then try this site:

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