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CAREER CHANGE: Is getting a 2nd, revelant college degree necessary?

By sadeth_cheng1 ·
PLEASE SKIP TO THE LAST PARAGRAPH IF YOU DON'T WANT TO READ MY ENTIRE POST. I know it's lengthy, but wanted to provided better insight to my dilemma.

I want to make this backstory quick. I always had a passion to becoming an airline pilot since a child. I enlisted in the US military right after high school and worked on the flight-line for 3 years (not pilot because I wasn't an officer), but decided to execute a lateral move (military career change) because I was stuck in a non-deployable unit. I chose to become a cyber network operator (equivalent to the civilian "network administrator )for my last 2 years of my enlistment, and grew a new-found interest in it as I was progressing fast in this new, IT field as observed by my superiors and their consistent selection towards me to participate in critical, rapidly-deployed operations overseas. I would say I was a better network guy than an aviation guy which I had always considered my passion.

Currently, I am out the military. Through much dilemma, I have recently decided to pursue my passion and is college this spring with a chosen major in Aviation Science And Management (B.S.) in conjunction with flight training, which will all be financially covered by the VA's Post 9/11 GI Bill.

However, the aviation industry, for the past decade, is not as glorious and stable as it once was. I have been heavily considering pursuing a network administrator career as a back-up.

To finally get to the main point of this post, if I decide to go ahead with a career change to IT in the future, and I have already have a degree in something not closely related to computers/IT (which would be my future aviation degree), would it be worth it to get a second bachelor's degree in IT along with all my IT vendor certifications or do most employees/companies see a degree as just a "check-in-the box", and they actually don't really care if you have a directly-related IT degree as long s you have work experience and certifications?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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