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Career-Changer Seeking Advice

By New2Tech ·
I have no experience beyond the typical end-user background. I am looking to get into IT for better career stability, growth potential, etc.
My plan was to attend a "bootcamp" for A+ and Network+ certification and to try and get an entry-level help desk position. Once comfortable with that level I was thinking of heading towards CCNA certification, but figure I'll have a better idea of the direction I'm interested in once I'm in the field for a few months.
Does this sound like a reasonable path? Would you suggest something different? Have you ever heard of the training center called Netcom, or is there one you would recommend highly? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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by jdmercha In reply to Career-Changer Seeking Ad ...

I'd go for a college degree rather than certs.

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by New2Tech In reply to Certs?

I intend to, however I'm at least two years (full time) away from a BA or BS. I need to support myself in the meantime, and thought it might make sense to work in the industry, even at lower levels in order to gain experience. What would you suggest?

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choose one path

by mob_dream In reply to Thanks

Hi I am also having the same idea. I searched and found that you must choose one path and keep going on that way until you are professional. For example if you choose CISCO cer. keep training until you are CCNP certified and like this.

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