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Career choice.. advice please!

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I'm at a bit of a cross roads with my career and I would like run my thoughts past you experienced people so you can provide me your feedback, if you'd be so kind.

I've been in I.T. for around 10 years now. I worked as a VB6 Windows Developer, C#/, T-SQL/SSIS/SSRS, SAP BW/Bobj and now Power BI. I'm a good case of 'use it or lose it'. If I went for an interview in any of the technologies other than Power BI I would fail miserably (clearly confidence is lacking). I know basic T-SQL (query with joins, etc..) and am new to Power BI ('M' and 'DAX'). So really at this current point I am not strong in anything at present, however I have a lot of understanding on how these different technologies work.

I've never been a pure developer. I don't think I'm cut from that cloth. As a result I don't get excited enough to go that extra mile. Power BI, with it's Power Query and DAX, is a good fit for me. It provides with enough of the developing feel to enjoy it but not too hardcore that I become lost amongst the I.T. true bloods.
I like how Power BI provides quick wins. From my experience, a customer provides you with half a dozen 'fact' csv files and you need to do the ETL to produce a report using all of the csv files (so stripping/concatenating fields to create keys, bridging tables, etc..). You provide then with the report file or publish to the net. I call it 'Business I.T.' as opposed to 'I.T.-I.T.' if that makes sense. From my experience with I.T.-I.T. you have to cater for different environments, hard-deadlines to meet, PMs on your back 24/7, etc.. I find Power BI and that style of reporting more relaxed, quicker to produce stuff, more low-key Business engagement, and overall more fun. For me it's a good fit.

My current position is as a Power BI Developer but the company want to drop that, from an I.T. focus, and for the team to concentrate on Hadoop. I would be focused on writing HIVE queries (Hadoop's implementation of SQL). Other than Power BI ('M' and DAX) the only other area I've enjoyed is SQL Server stuff (T-SQL, SSIS, SSRS) so it isn't a bad area to go into.

My concerns are these:
1) I went into the unknown learning SAP BW and I hated each day of it. Before long its all I knew and I felt trapped. I am concerned Hadoop will be the same, not only for the way it works but also for the lack of jobs recruiting for it (i.e. SAP/Hadoop compared to a SQL job is like... what?... 1:150).


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