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By h_rohatgi ·
I have recently completed my graduation in B.E(IT). i have also attended a training course for mainframe developer. i have got job offers from 2 firms. The 1st one requires a mainframe developer whereas the 2nd firm builds software for network monitoring. Which of these is a better career option ... mainframe developer or networking professional

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by h_rohatgi In reply to career choice

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by 3xp3rt In reply to career choice

Depending what do you like to do? If you like networking, the second option is for you. If not, select the first, but my opinion is network related work, because in networking always appear new things and challenges.

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by j.lupo In reply to career choice

Career choices are always personal. You need to find something that you are passionate about doing. That going to work everyday isn't a chore or something you do just to pay the bills.

mainframe work is fairly steady but it is a dying skill set. I am not saying mainframes won't be around for some time yet, I just see them becoming less and less needed. Healthcare and Banking definitely still use them.

The networking path holds job opportunity and career growth in terms of the changing technology in networking. If you have an engineering degree, you may enjoy the actual networking job better then the mainframe job.

The choice is yours of course, with the information you have provided, I hope my answer helps you.

J. Lupo

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by Amjad Zoghbi In reply to career choice


Again, a career choice is a highly personal thing. Just imagine what you would rather be doing and go with it. If neither matters for you, and you just want to do for the opportunities it gives you then I say go for Networking Professional.

Mainframe development is a very rare and very specific domain, it is also very difficult to move within it. For a young grad like you, I think it is advisable to start broad and then specialize.

Networking is a very broad field that encompasses a lot of subfields (network security, network setup (Cisco, Avaya...), VoIP, network monitoring and many many more) you can later choose to specialise into any subfield if you so desire. In my opinion, go with networking professional, code the network monitoring application and excel in that. Then move on into the many opportunities that field gives you.

I hope this helps, good day and good luck

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