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Career Crisis

By Lil~Bunny~Nose~520 ·
I am haveing a crisis. I have the job I want to do in mind but I just dont know the technical name for it or what training is needed to do it. The discription is as follows:
Going to a company and installing software. Then you teach the people how to use it.

What career is this?
What training/certifacation do you need?

I know these questions probably sound dumb. But I rather ask then never know. Any advice is appreciated.

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by jdmercha In reply to Career Crisis

Check for job openings. Look for a description that is close and you'll see the requirements.

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by DarkFriend In reply to Career Crisis

If a company is going to use a particular software package, their own IT team would most likely install it.

If you are interested in training, there are many companies that have corporate trainers travel to offices to teach employees how to use software. Even better, would be to get a job with a hot software company like BEA, Microsoft, or Peoplesoft and become an expert on their own software.

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Integration or Migration Specialist

by jerome.koch In reply to Career Crisis

Most large Enterprise Software Developers use thier implementation specialists to train their customer's trainers (Train the Trainers). During the IT heydays of the 90s, when Fortune 1000 Companies tolerated bloated IT budgets this wasn't the case. Companies like Oracle, Microsfot, and IBM would send trainers to conduct training sessions for thier customers employees. The costs was hundreds of dollars an hour plus travel expenses for this convience.

Things today have changed drastically. Most corporations expect thier current employees to pick up training duties, and they expect the vendors to train them. Some of the larger, more specialized corporations will have full time traininers, but this is becoming very uncommon.

If you enjoy learning about buisiness processes and logic as well as enoying the IT end of the game, your best bet is to major in business administration with an empasis on Management Information Systems. This is still a hot field to be in. Whether you specialize in Supply Chain Management, or Finance later on doesn't matter.

You would definitly be in the running to work for Oracle, IBM, SAP, etc...While still in school, you should have your councilor reserach internships at one of these firms. If they are impressed with you, who knows they may have an offering for you once you graduate.

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