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By NathanH ·
Background: I am an IT Director at a medium-size company. Previously I ran a small ISP. I would like to transition to CIO of a large company eventually.

I really am looking for direction to get me there. I do not have experience on ERP systems and probably will not(here), but I do have control of B-B exchange supporting $2B tranactions/year and all the bells and whistles to support that environment.

So here is the question, what should I do to start the transition from the Director level to the Executive level? Here are the options that I am considering:

1. More Technical Certifications: (MCSD, CCIE, CISSP, etc...) I currently have some certs, but do not want to be roped into the appearance of one specialty such as routers, networks, or secuity and I don't want to be labeled too technical.
2. MBA Degree from a good school.
3. Change jobs. (If so, what type of job should I look for?)

Thanks for your comments.

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by surinderx In reply to Career Direction

Close ur eyes, do OCP.

Nothing to think before doing that it will automatically tell u the future.


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by NathanH In reply to Ans

Thanks for your post. Is there any particular reason that you think OCP is a good thing for me?

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Yes, yes, and Yes!

by ghstinshll In reply to Career Direction

First off, what is OCP?

Not that I can directly relate, but it seems that an MBA with a specialization in technology would be essential. MS certs don't mean anything to a CIO, but the project management, experience (big factor), and degree seem to be a good formula for this.

I had a friend who received his BA in Business, and the school emphasized in networking, programming, or management in technology (I think). When he told me about that it seemed like the right path to take for management in technology. I'd do a LOT of investigating to find the right school though, and that might require moving out of state, finding a new job, and going to school, etc...

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Move toward the business

by mike In reply to Career Direction

To become a CIO you have to become more business savvy, not more technically capable. A CIO is able to identify business issues and opportunities that can be addressed by technology investments. The business always drives technology, not the other way. As a CIO, it becomes more important for you to be able to identify the issues, prioritize initiatives that are in sync with seniuor management's goals, and organize and direct the IT operation in a way that gets it all done. You have to move frommanager to leader.

An MBA is not necessary but will open some doors that require it, especially in educational and some financial organizations. Position yourself to be more involved in the operations of your company, ie., business planning (budgeting) and strategic planning. Again, CIO's are more strategic planners, or should be, than tactical managers so if you want to move into the executive wing, you have to think strategically.

If you can't get exposure to budgeting, operations, and strategic planning where you are, you may need to move on but I would try to work with my senior management team first to get the added exposure, especially if you are in a good situation.

Hope this helps.

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