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By entawanabi ·
I was asked to stay at tech republic as my presence is appreciated, I'll stay!

Not at the moment happily, I dilike the fact that I was not rated employable by a company going down the drain that came looking for me because of my involvement with tech republic.

Stated reason is the Smart-mouth and the illegal conducting of the members in copyright violation and patent violation in the things they suggest and say they do, these things havelead to the deaths of people at work and at home (Screen Explosions ) and cutting out HDD's another murderous practise: "Mr. Hengst we cannot take the risk that you will do such a thing or leave the option available to for one of our clients, customers or employees.".

I don't know how to do those things, I don't and saying so would have made no difference to these peoplee either. I do have something to contribute, I don't appreciate being knocked off the air while I'm on this public library computer that is 300,00 years old and made on the planet Sirius masqueradeing as a Gateway.

Guy R Hengst entawanabi and you can send me an email thru tech republic too.

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Googling potential employees

by JamesRL In reply to Career, Employment and Te ...

You must be aware that employers and others google potential employees names.

I'm not sure what you are suggesting in terms of copyright and patent violation. Deaths of people? That sounds ludicris in the extreme.

Do you need some counselling?


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