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By hotmail_admin_2004 ·
Hi everybody.This is my first post here,so plz corretc me if i make a mistake.

Im currently in 3rd yr. comp engg.,in india.Im gonna do MS in comp sci. from US soon.My gpa isnt so good,so i guess ill have to take admission in a lesser known institute.I am doing CCNA,CCNP,and am planning to do MCSE,and CCIE before doing MS.To level with you,my programming skills in c,and data strctures are very poor.Hence the low GPA,but i love networking,c++,java,

I am telling u all this coz its concerned with my question,which is--->

q)After doing MS in comp science,what are my chances of getting a job in networking??will i have to do PHD,so as to continue to stay there?I recently asked one of my friends who's also doin MS in comp sci ,and he told me that CISCO isnt doing well,and ill prob get a job as a programmer.
plz plz plz lemme know what are my chances of getting a job as a netork eng,or sys admin.
I'd be much obliged.
thxs in advance

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by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to career help plzz

There are lots of jobs in computer science besides programming. If you are interested in network engineering, you may be better served by getting MS in Electrical Engineering, and MS in Systems Engineering may be better for systems administration. I believe if you come to the US on a student visa, it is only good while you are a student, unless you can get a work visa or green card. If you are good, you should not have a hard time finding a job in your chosen field.

Good luck.

Craig Herberg

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by feathersmcgraw In reply to career help plzz

This may sound harsh, but trust me it is "for your own good". If you are even remotely serious about pursuing a career in IT let alone getting a "masters" LEARN HOW TO WRITE NORMALLY. This is not a hack board or teen forum nor ICQ. Write intelligently. I can assure you if you write this way, and interview like this it is not impressive, and I would simply say thank you and go right to the next guy. Too many paper certifications will bring you down. I have been and am certified but am very choosy what I do with them and showing them on a "love me" wall. I have met far too many MCSEs and CCNA types that have studied enough to pass a test but have ZERO troubleshooting skills. I'd gladly work with some with 5 years of technical experience than someone who comes over and flashes MSCE, NW+, A+, CCNA, RHCE, MCP, NWi+ scibbled on their card. Hooray for passing tests, and bully for you for going the distance, but do not equate "I'm certified" with "I have a clue".

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