Career in Apple or network Security ...??

By nuno ·
Hi Guys

Im coming to a crossroads here where i need to decide what i want to do with my life. I am 28 and have being doing the Apple support role on Xsans/Stornext and enterprise for the last 7 years. Im not challenged by Apple's high end anymore, im becoming more and more concerning for the security of my job as i am seeing Apple pull out of my line of work.

The question is should i stick to what i do and follow Apple into the mobile management field etc... ? or is it time to move to something abit more universal like security and networking ?

I have a background in all technologies, but i mainly play in storage

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Only you can answer this question

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Career in Apple or networ ...

What is it you want to do?

Either of the above is valid but both would be useless if you don't want to do either.


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I won't be so cryptic

by Ternarybit In reply to Career in Apple or networ ...

Find a broader field. Apple doesn't want the enterprise market outside of making sure every executive has an ipad, and that won't last long if they don't add some support to the device.

If you want to stay in storage... best of luck. Better option is learning administration of one of the more ubiquitous software packages in enterprise (the vmware stack, sharepoint, portal server,etc) . Most sans are so plug and play nowadays they don't need a specialized administrator anyways. Learning to write code is also a valid option, there's a number of platforms right now that are undersupported and get high salaries as a result (read: monster).

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Mastering in a very specific field or a specific vendor isn't good

by . Avi In reply to Career in Apple or networ ...

On the spectrum of job employment vs. compensation, there might be more compensation (pay) for mastering a specific vendor but in terms of job security it's more risky,
If you have the option to take the experience you gained from what you did so far and enhance that with new experience in other fields and broaden you breadth of knowledge it will be worth your while more than the first option,

that's in general for what you should do, also make sure you love what you do as if you don't it will show.

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