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Career path for a vet?

By css12govid ·
hi all, I'm a 36-y/o with a few months left in Navy. IT by trade. Should I be working on a)wrapping up that AA, or b) pushing toward the MCSE? I have 11 years exp. Which would you do?

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Go Military Contracts

by BFilmFan In reply to Career path for a vet?

Pick which military contract you want to go to work on, provided you have a security clearance.

I have recently been approached about accepting a position with a military contractor and I am considering it.

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by DC Guy In reply to Career path for a vet?
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Wrap & push

by NI70 In reply to Career path for a vet?

Do you have any other certs? Like A+ or Net+? How many more credits till you receive your AA? How far are you from obtaining your MSCE? If it was me I'd go for both, because they sure wouldn't hurt in todays market!

There was a post by an individual that was looking for 16 people. He works for a SBA 8a business and they have several government contracts. Here's the link to that discussion

Good luck!

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Speaking from experience

by bman In reply to Career path for a vet?

Use the GI bill and go get your A.A. first then push for a B.S. or B.A. You can knock probably knock out the individual Certs while going to school. It won't be easy BUT if your background is IT (proven experience) and you can get the a degree the job prospects become more plentiful.

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do both

by algmadamba In reply to Career path for a vet?

Agree get your AA or Certs with your Military Service you can easily be given security clearance to work on any goverment contracts

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Vet Response

by teajay9001 In reply to Career path for a vet?

Hey man congrats on your retirement. I too went the military route and in my opinion if you have a security clearence you WILL get a job with little or no experience. I had 23 years with the AF, mostly working computer mainframes with very little PC experience. My first position was at the GS level (3 years)where my only documented qualification was my Top Secret clearence. Yeah I had years of experience with main frames but as many of you know mainframes and PC/ networks are different. At the GS level I got training (paid by the goverment) and became MCSE 4.0 certified. I am now a goverment contractor working overseas (tax free) and have obtained 2000 and 2003 MCSE. Your security clearence will get you in the door and most GS jobs will provide the training you need for degrees/certs and THEY pay for it. So thats the place to start. Try to get a MCP before you get out, then you'll be guaranteed.

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