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Career Planning - What to Ask?

By gauravbahal ·
Dear All,
Thought I should tap into the intelligence ether at Tech Republic for this discussion on Career Planning.
I am going to interview / compere in a forum where a panel of senior management folks will be asked questions (predominently by me) in front of a gathering of atleast 500 folks from my company.
I need to ask questions that would help extract as much information as possible from this panel, information that will help the newbies to the wannabes in the organization in their career planning.
Seeking your help. What do you think will be the best questions to ask...what problems have you faced in Career Planning (personal, politics, training, whatever) what were the turning points, why do u do what u do, etc etc...some probing questions.
Thank you all

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Training and promotions

by DC Guy In reply to Career Planning - What to ...

The biggest problems I've seen in the companies I consulted for were:

1. Not enough training. Employees get worried when they feel that their skill set isn't keeping up with the market so if they suddenly found themselves needing a new job it would be hard to find. Paradoxically, that makes them think of leaving NOW while they're still employable to go find a company that's less stingy with training. And doesn't pull people out of classes on the second day because there's some dang fool "emergency" that only they can fix!

2. No career path. Employees feel that whenever a job above them opens up, management hires somebody from outside instead of promoting.

Don't make these two mistakes and you'll have a workforce that is both happy and productive.

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DC Guy...

by gauravbahal In reply to Training and promotions

What you are saying is correct in terms of what the company should be doing. From your second point it is evident a concious career path has to be in place for each employee (or atleast for those who want it).
Though at a personal level the employee himself needs to plan things, which will be instrumental in his / her growth in the organization. We need to explore more of those. What are the pivotal points in one's career that shape their career strategy or movement?

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