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Hello everyone,

I'm researching for a project, I'm currently studying for a Computer network engineering degree from Westwood college and I'm convinced that Certifications are better than a degree but since I'm already in debt I decided to finish it. I took a computer repair course in the year 2000 and graduated from it and have been ever since in the computer field "honestly I don't know much".
I'm conducting a personal interview of a Network administrator but i wanted to get more information so i decided to post my questions here in hope of having a clear understanding of computer related degrees vs. certifications.

Thanks to you all in advance



Interview questions:
All questions will be about the Computer Networking field.

1. What do you think is better a College Education or Certifications and why?
2. Are you currently certified?
3. If you are hiring and have the choice of a recently graduated networks engineer or someone that has a CCNA certification from Cisco systems, which one would you choose and why?
4. What are your thoughts about college education vs. certifications?
5. Do you prefer one over the other?
6. With the experience you now possess would you have gotten certifications instead of a college education at the start of your career?
7. What would you recommend to someone that?s just starting in the computer networking field?

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Number 3

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Career research.

is redundant in light of number 1. So is number 4. So is number 5.

Screw questions. Design a practical application problem and have them solve it. Make your decision based on ability. Neither Certs nor Education necessarily confer ability.

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