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Career Shift: M/F to Web - How?

By O.W.U.P. ·
I am considering returning to work after a 1.5-year hiatus. I would like to shift my career focus from mainframe-based to web-based.

My career history looks like this:
2000-present: unemployed
1997-1999: print application development in IBM mainframe environment
1997-1996: C programmer
1995-1996: Access 2.0 developer
Certifications: Computer Systems Diploma

What do I need to do to become an employable commodity in the Web Development or PC Software Development arena?

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Back-End App. Development

by eBob In reply to Career Shift: M/F to Web ...

You have a couple of years of good development experience. Use that to get in with an organisation that is writing "web-enabled" apps. In this day and age of "e-Biz" and ".Net" and "ASP" (as in Application Service Provider, not Active Server Pages -geez, couldn't THEY have come up with a unique acronym?!?) your background should make it pretty straightforward.

Subscribe to a "local" I.T. tabloid (Computing Canada is our version). Scan the headlines to see "Who" is doing "What". This way you'll get a feel for where you'll fit in. You can also check out the want ads at the same time, but remember: 80% of the best jobs are never advertised. So take a chance on a stamp and a couple of sheets of paper and send your CV/Resume into the companies in your part of the world that you read about in the paper(s).

Free Tip: Be ready to explain what you were doing for 1.5 years "hiatus".

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Thanks eBob

by O.W.U.P. In reply to Back-End App. Development

Thanks for the advice eBob. Wouldn't you know it, I'm from Canada too! Richmond, BC to be exact. There are alot of IT shops around here, so it shouldn't be too hard to find someone who needs my experience. But what exactly did you mean by "web-enabled"? Would that be existing apps that have a Web front-end?

P.S. My hiatus involved creating a family.

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